Thursday, March 09, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

These are the faces of rich kids. Rich kids that burned at least 8 churches in Alabama. The motive wasn't racism the investigators say, since most of the churches were attended by whites. Every one involved in the investigation is freaked, it was assumed by profilers that the people who carried out these attacks were anything BUT smart ,college-aged rich kids. But it was these rich boys. They attended the University of Alabama, two of them were to appear in upcoming drama productions. Their ages are 19 and 20. They are said to have had"so much going for them"..yeah right! They are looking at hard time w/bubba in the federal slammer.

But the NY Times article also shows there are two sides to every person. A quote from one of the arsonist's that was written on an online Website for college and high school students gives a view into the darker side of these "good boys" that just wanted to have a little fun:"The nights have grown long and the interstates of Alabama drunk driverless, the state troopers bored, the county sheriffs less weary, and the deer of Bibb County fearless. 2006 is here, it is time to reconvene the season of evil! Only one problem stands in our way. I got a new cellphone for Christmas and I no longer have your number, so send it to me and evil shall once again come to pass!"

These kids were bright and had money to why did they burn churches? What could motivate supposed intelligent people to do something so heinous and stupid? After the first set of fires, they set four others in an attempt to throw investigators off their trail. They were just bored? Where is the fun in burning churches, houses of worship? Sorry, but thats not my idea of fun or a way to pass an evening. Why did these supposed intelligent kids do something so damn dumb for fun and games?

I don't know why these crimes bother me so much. It reminds me of the playground bullys terrorizing the little nerdy kids. I am a believer in God. I trust he will be there when I die and I think his houses of worship should be a place for safe haven. Inspite of all my rhetoric, I believe that people should be allowed to worship God where and how they want. God alone saved my brother from an early drug-induced death. I am thankful for that. It just jacks my jaw that these kids and their supporters are now flooding the media with stories about how "good" these boys were, that it was just a joke.

Its not a joke, its sick and disgusting...and guess what..they aren't kids..they are adults in the eyes of the law. And their parents money might keep them from doing hard time..but I hope they do some serious time..if only to have a consequence for their horrible despicable actions that put an entire state of Alabama parishoners in fear.

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Laura said...

Setting 8 churches on fire is a joke?!? I'm thinking that the joke is believing that these boys aren't pure evil...

Anonymous said...

pure evil.

Solitaire said...

We'll see ya this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I see this kind of shit all the time, and the Elgin Street kids are blamed for everything which happens in my city.

These are the most-visibly underprivileged young people here, and for years I volunteered at a mission which gave them a safe-haven in the middle of an impoverished neighbourhood which rivals any burnt-out American ghetto for privation.

The Elgin Street kids tended to show the most serious kinds of disturbances, but every time something would happen, the police would come around and lean on them--only to find out that one of the "good" rich citizens' children stole the car or burned down the house in question.

In fact, in the five years I spent working with them, the worst trouble they got into was teenage pregnancy and minor drug offenses, which are common among any young group.

We could hope that the "rich kids" learned their lessons, but their completely disproportionate, light sentences only teach them to act like their parents, and get richer by fucking over the poor.

One girl, whose mother is an Ontario Courts judge walked away scot free from vehicular homicide, after rolling her van while drunk, killing FOUR of her friends.


Bruce said...

Rich kids see themselves as entitled, and as a result, they think they can, and often do, get away with a lot. If these three get anything less than the maximum, it'll be just another example of money winning out.

CoffeeBigPlz said...

Glad they are rich.
They can afford soap on a roap
'cause I think they're kinda pretty for prison.

An80sNut said...

It'd be nice to believe they would rot in prison but they won't. The money paid by the lawyers won't even matter when you put vandalism up against the few years people do for more violent crimes. People don't fear loss of family honor, disrespecting authority or loss of liberty. Somewhere along the line they became the Lost Boys.

Jericho said...


Kurt said...

i was sitting in the drive through at my bank saturday when the scrolling news ticker had the message that "alcohol use is suspected of the those charged in the Alabama church burnings." Well, DUH!
Drunk off their ass with nothing to do, one of them came up with the brillant idea to torch a church. Without any firm moral underpinnings to allow them understanding of their actions, they went ahead.
"Holy shit, look at all the commotion! Let's do another!"
Easy to see, right?
It was only after the fuck-ups read a newspaper (yeah, right) or heard it on the news did they figure some people were really pissed about it. So they tried to cover it up.
A couple of years in prison would definitely provide an attitude adjustment.
But they weren't University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa) students (which my daughter is). Two attended Birmingham - Southern College (a small private college) and another the University of Alabama - Birmingham, a satellite shool.