Sunday, March 19, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

My Saturday ..

My Picture doesn't really do justice to this protest sign. It was quite elaborate.
It was a sunny although blustery day in Santa Barbara. The breeze felt good since it was quite warm for awhile whilst marching in time to the drum beats and cowbells.
I loved this sign..Cheney in the Chain gang hat..too cute! and so fitting in my opinion.
This Vietnam Vet was a speaker when we stopped at the Federal Bankruptcy Court..fitting don't you think w/all the money the Shrub is sinking into the war in Iraq? The older gent he's talking with walked the two miles with us. He's got to be 80 if he's a day. He's a sweetheart too. There were also Vietnam Vets in wheelchairs that did the whole march too. God Bless those guys for being involved and caring enough to go the distance..

It was nice to see people along the way that supported us and chanted with us as we made our way to the Federal Bankruptcy Court. The march then went to the local Santa Barbara Courthouse building which is beautiful old-style spanish architecture. There were more speeches and the protesters were roughly 400 strong. I purchased some buttons and dropped some money in the People's Coalition donation box. During the Protest March there was chanting, and lots of noisemakers to get the shoppers attention since we marched thru the main shopping district in old downtown Santa Barbara.

Most memorable quote for me: Iraqi Horror Picture Show..used to describe what is taking place over there inspite of what Rummy says is going on.

There you have day in a few pictures..the kid had used my camera and the battery died..or I would have more. Plus blogger is being a real pain in the ass this weekend..

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Bruce said...

Where's the pic of you giving Bush/Cheney the finger? :p

dusty said...

I was too busy leading the front of the pack in chants..we have to stay in unison ya know :P

What do we want..PEACE..when do we want it..NOW..

that kinda thing.

Sonicrusk said...

Sounds like fun.

Seamus said...

That just made my heart very glad to see this! :)

pssstttt - we're back from the outer reaches of the Galaxy! :P

John Q. Public esq. said...

hey you commie, pinko, bedwetter!

well done!


Anonymous said...

I think I forgot to comment on this post--I wanted to say "well done" but that's so trite.

Did you burn your bra and streak SB? Would they stop the war for that?

dusty said...

LMAO thats all it took to end the war..I would do it in a heartbeat!