Wednesday, March 08, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Jeez..Men still do this to farm animals?

A Mesa AZ deputy Fire Chief was caught w/his pants down..literally. He was do you say..doing the neighbors baby sheep. Mesa is a booming metropolis, I used to live there. I wasn't aware that you could have farm animals within the city limits. I also wasn't aware of the fact that some men still crave a good roll in the hay with mary's little lamb. Leroy Johnson sure did. Hell with the name Leroy he is probably from the southern climes where this type of "love" is ok. If you want the gaudy details, they are up at the smoking gun. Linkage is here.
The story line.."Fire Chief caught on the Lamb"..Cute.

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Anonymous said...

thats so goddamn gross. you know what they say about Arizona, "where the men are men and the sheep know it." Oh wait, thats what they say about bako ahaha.