Thursday, March 30, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Balco Owner Conte gets out of slammer today, and says book is full of lies.

Man, this is gonna get interesting...

Victor Conte, the former owner of BALCO was released from prison today..not far from my house(Taft,CA) as a matter of fact. His first order of business was to refute the new book entitled "Game of Shadows" by Lance Williams and Mark Fainaru-Wada,which I blogged about previously here. That fine upstanding citizen..oops..I mean jailbird Mr. Conte now states that he NEVER gave Barroid Bonds steroids...never..ever. Bear in mind that this fuckwad made a deal with the Feds and got the majority of the charges against him dropped to a slap on the evasion, money laundering and steroids distribution. Four stinking months is all he did. Millions of tax payers dollars were spent on this investigation and subsequent trial for Conte and three other men, including Anderson, Barroid's trainer..just so this jackass could plea it down and do four months and the others even less time or NO time in prison at all. Mr. Conte also had the opportunity to refute what the arresting federal officer said and never availed himself of that option..he instead took a plea bargin..go figure.

What makes this interesting to me is that Buddy-boy Selig finally got off his ass and has named an investigation teamed headed by former Senate Majority Leader and director for the Boston Red Sox, George Mitchell. Georgie is also chairman of ABC, which owns ESPN, who currently is running a show about Barry Bonds, with Barroid's blessings. The investigation will ONLY concentrate on allegations that occured AFTER Major League Baseball instituted its rules regarding the use of steroids. Most of the book is regarding drug use PRIOR to the rules change in baseball. So..sportsfans..what is the use I ask you? It sounds pathetically to me like a whitewash. Mitchell has the power to widen his investigation..wonder how THAT will pan out and if he will..dont you?

I think Buddy Selig doesn't want to know the truth..He doesn't want the record Barroid set or the one he most likely will set this year, with regards to Hammerin Hank to be tarnished or perhaps ultimately removed from the record books. Barroid's drug use started, according to the book, in 1998..and stopped when the rules changed. So..what in the blue hell does ol Buddy-boy think their going to find....NOTHING..notta damn thing. He doesn't want anything found..or he would check out the crap prior to 2002. Its a thinly disguised rouge in my humble opinion. But who knows perhaps something good will come out of all this nasty he said, they said mess.

Here is the link to what the authors of the book list as their "evidence", the documentation they used to support their book. If I had to pick who I believed..the books author's or Victor Conte, a purveyor of drugs that maim and kill,(not to mention really shrink up the ol testes)..who do you think I would believe? Who would you believe? Stay tuned..its just starting..and so is baseball season..THIS SUNDAY! My baseball fix will be cured this sunday. Praise jesus and pass me the crackjacks and hotdogs.

BTW..if your looking for the HNT pic..its the next doesn't take a backseat to anything.. :)

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Anonymous said...

Conte says they lied, they say he is lying.

Has anyone considered the possibility that everybody is lying, that they're all on drugs, and this is just a way to squeeze people for an extra twenty-five bucks?

You can tell when a writer is lying because he's typing, just like you can tell a journalist is lying because he's speaking into a camera.

It's what they do, Dusterella.

Chick said...

Amen for baseball...FINALLY.

While I'm certainly no Bonds fan (arrogant fuck that he is) should have gotten off it's fat overpaid ass a long friggin time ago to address these things!!!

I hate these records with an asterik...steriods just muddy up baseball & those of us who love the purity of the sport (which is being lost for other reasons $$$ too) shouldn't have to deal with it.

Bruce said...

It appalls me that it took a couple of books(and Congress) for MLB to get off its ass and address this problem. That alone shows how inept the leadership is, doesn't it? The Commissioner has the ability to invoke the "in the best interest of baseball" clause, and I think the best way for him to do so would be to resign now, and take Donald Fehr with him.

dusty said...

The Politics in baseball run eerily similar to da shit in DC...don't ya think?

Doc..I know they all lie. But somewhere there is a shred of truth..and evidence doesn't they say.Its not all circumstantial w/barroid.

Chicklet..its here and Bonds will break Hammerin Hanks record if he's healthy..I don't want an asterisk either so get him out before he sets it.But the wheels will move slow and they are saying nothing prior to the all star break..

ah this so sucks..