Thursday, January 05, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Texas shocks USC..41-38

Most folks were rooting for Texas but few figured that they could pull it off..fuckers did!

With the BCS title and the game on the line..and only 19 seconds to go the Longhorns QB Vince Young ran it into the endzone untouched..His Michael Vick-like performance winning the game for the Texans. Young tossed for over 200 yards and RAN for 200 yards and 3 TD's his own self.

Reggie Bush who beat Young out for the Heisman this year was held to 82 rushing yards and one TD. Matt Leinart had a hard time dealing with the loss. He said USC was still the "best" team on the field and during the season in the post-game press conference. Leinart even had the nads to refer to Young as a "freak"athlete". Um...Matt? ya lost sweetie..shut up and deal with it son. Young looked awed as he stood on the sideline after the win, his arms held high in a sea of confetti. He hugged the MVP crystal football trophy like a little kid stating he was carrying it all the way back to Austin.

Pete Carroll can kiss my ass. Vince Young might of lost the Heisman to Reggie Bush but he came out on top where it really counted..the championship game. The BCS title games are not usually this good as witnessed by OK's ass-beating at the hands of USC last year. This one at the Rose Bowl, which is basically the home turf of USC, was thrilling from beginning to end.

Why couldn't I have put all my money on this game instead of the friggin Notre Dame game..

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Bruce said...

I only popped into the game for a few minutes, but the fact that Young did what he did doesn't surprise me in the least. He has the size, the arm, and the attitude to be extremely successful on the next level. Good enough, IMO, to be better than Michael Vick.

daisyduke said...

and your HNT is where????

i adore you, you know. i'm really glad you show up every day~


The Zombieslayer said...

Dusty! So cool you posted about this game!

I wish I was there. Three jobs ago, i worked in Pasadena. Dang, that was only last year.

My youngest bro went to UT. I bet he's happier than Oprah at a buffet. I knew the University of Spoiled Children would lose. Wish I had money on the game too.

Yes, Vince Young looked like Vick. It was sweet. He looked awesome, except for that one passs that should have been picked that that one USC cornerback dropped. I bet that guy's feeling like Merry Christmas. ;)

Ha ha! USC lost! I'm happy now.

Chick said...

I loved this game from start to finish.

I hate overated could USC possible lose? Take that cocky ass Leinart!

An80sNut said...

This was a great game and I'll be shocked if Young isn't drafted before Leinart.