Thursday, January 05, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

HNT Pic for the week.

I have a nasty cold and feel like tossing my laptop against a wall.. I am sick and coughing and who had to bust my chops about HNT.....Daisy of all people..the woman who hasnt been around in weeks and DID NOT post a pic last week..but I did:) I love you Daisy..i will be over to look at YOUR pic soon.

Since I just got up and am sick as a proverbial dog..i took a pic whilst laying in bed..its my fuzzy slippers.If you look closely at my right shin you can see a dime-sized scar where I had gangrene removed as a kid.

I have to do my best "Jack Abramoff" routine and go to court today to plead guilty to my speeding ticket and throw myself on the mercy of the court..actually I just gotta request traffic school..but I am very sick, and this is all your getting this week. Sorry.

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FantasticAlice said...

Those are a pair of the sexiest damn ankles I have seen this year!

GROOOWWWLLLL..... Dusty is one sexiest mothers around.

Love the slippers... do the animals attack them when you are walking around?

Get to feeling better girl, otherwise I will have to fly out there with a thermos of chicken noodle soup.

daisyduke said...

sometimes my feet get so cold I wear my slippers to bed (under the covers)...I have some scarily similar to the ones you sport today.
feel better, dear friend.
peace, love and joy seem to do it for me...or at least the acceptance of such~

John B. said...

Those are stripper slippers...only they need heels

Bruce said...

Is this what I can look forward to sometime down the road, Boo? ;)

MamaKBear said...

Awwwww feel better soon!! The slippers are cute!

Happy HNT! :)

Wenchy said...

Oh I love those! I have Eeyore ones.... LOL

Hope you feel betta.

Bruce said...
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Furzl said...

get well soon Dusty.

bsoholic said...

Awesome fuzzy slippers! Get well soon Dusty.

Tommy Gunn said...

Those are teh sexiest slippers I've seen all day. HHNT Babe.

The Zombieslayer said...

Whoa. I didn't see it until I read it. Gangrene sucks.

Did you know that some doctors use maggots to get rid of gangrene nowadayds? Yes, maggots. They eat only the dead flesh, so they're perfect for the job.

Kind of scary.

Nice slippers. My wife has panties like those slippers. Probably more than you wanted to know. ;)

IT-Chick said...

I am sorry you feel like poo.
AFTER court, put some spiced Captain Morgan in the microwave and suck him down. You sleep better and you'll feel better.

Unless you are puking then ignore it.

But otherwise, I promise. it'll help

Scott & Julia said...

LOL, I love those slippers! I used to have a pair like that, but my dog thought they were some kind of animal and shred them to bits! Happy New Year and Happy HNT!

feetman78 said...
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feetman78 said...

jack Abramoff...what an unfortunate name.

Who is abram and why treat him with such favor?