Monday, January 23, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Superbowl set..and the prodigal son returns to Boston.

I cant quit thinking that somehow the Steelers will win it all..its the Bus' last year and it seems right to me. Cowher is the longest tenured coach in the NFL and the Steelers haven't won a superbowl since before Terry Bradshaw started yammering on the Fox NFL show.

Baseball..Theo "the wunderkid" Epstein returned to the Red Yes, he came back to work for them..god knows why perhaps..but I dont. BoSox still dont have a replacement for Damon or Renteria..better get a move on Theo..times a'waisting. I have a countdown clock at the bottom of my blog for when the "Season" starts...actually when pitchers and catchers report.

Barroid Bonds is pissed that his team wants him to bat second in the lineup..WHO GIVES A SHIT BARRY? Your ego is bigger than your talent Wheel of Fortune and buy a clue. Your steroid-taking ass is in the twilight of your happy you got a job and try keeping your pie-hole shut and just playing dude. Thats what they are paying you play baseball, not bitch, whine and complain. Two words..Terrell Owens.

The Cincinnati Reds, baseball's oldest professional franchise was sold to a guy who made his money in lettuce and squash..yeah, he knows his fruits and veggies..but does he know his team..HE PROMISED a Championship to the fans..excuse me while I wipe coffee off my laptop screen and bite a hole in my lip to keep from laughing.

And finally..the Federal Government has allowed Cuba to play in the World Baseball Classic. Praise Jesus, its about time you bunch of assholes..afterall..its called the WORLD Baseball Classic for a reason..they want the whole WORLD to participate...duh!!

Have a good monday..if at all possible.

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Queen of Ass said...

I don't think, at this point, that a "happy monday" is possible. BLEH!

Bruce said...

The Sawx have traded for the best name in sports...Coco Crisp; pending physicals, blah, blah, blah... He'll be the new CF.

And you'll hate me for this, or call me a fucktard, w/e, but the Super Bowl makes me yawn. The last one I watched was in '85.

Kurt said...

bruce must have been a Pats fan back then...watching Singleton & Co. handle Grogan and the rest of the Patsies of that era made many NE fans stay away 'til Brady...
Great post, so many good points.
I'm counting down, too.
Do you think we can get MLB to have a series for half-season contenders? Rangers vs. Pirates every year.

dusty said...

I have also been partial to the Rangers..Buck used to manage the Dbacks when I lived in AZ. I think he is an excellent manager and does the best with what he has. He set up the Yanks for Joe Torre to win a couple of rings too as I recall.

Hope they have a good year.Thats what great about spring training..its all new and every team has a chance.

The Zombieslayer said...

Two words..Terrell Owens.

Got to disagree with you big time. Baseball lacks the professionalism of football. football is well known for players trying to make a difference in their communities. Brett Favre has a huge fund setup for survivors of Katrina. Donald Driver helped dozens of single mothers with a down payment for their first house. Baseball players on the other hand are seen as greedy, and many deserve that label.

Anonymous said...

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