Thursday, January 19, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Baby and I watch TV

Hey, I didn't name her. Actually she's snoring...LOUD. But I love her. She's the sweetest girl around, I swear. She hates loud noises and shakes for hours when a car backfires. She has the biggest brown eyes you have ever seen and you have to just love a dog that smiles..Baby smiles. She gets along with every one and every animal.

Why someone would throw away a dog like Baby just blows my fucking mind. But...I am glad they did..cuz I got her. She was cowering underneath my house around my birthday four years ago. When we found her owners they said we could keep her, which we were gonna do anyway since they were crackheads. They wanted a full pit..Baby is half lab/pitt...they wanted something mean.

Shes old..and I only wish I had known her sooner...shes so sweet, my Baby.
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lecram sinun said...

Aww... you're lucky to have each other!

Wenchy said...

Happy HNT to you and baby!

FantasticAlice said...

Sexy Baby! Diggin' the pics! Boy-toy and I just got a dog last weekend ourselves.

Blonde retriever/lab mix, 15 weeks, kennel trained, housebroken, sits on command, and has gorgeous white eyes.

Named her Sophie.

Does it make a difference if I was under the influence when a good percentage of my post happened? It does make it more comical when you read it I guess!

lime said...

glad babay has a good home now. the 2 of yo ulook som comfy all snuggled up. happy HNT!

The Persian said...

aww..I wish I could have a dog again. I bet she's happier than hell you found her!

Happy HNT!

tornwordo said...

OMG, we have the same lab/pit mix dog we rescued from a shelter. The best dog in the world. She's getting old now too. HHNT!

Jenn said...

Aww, I want a baby, damnit! Lookit dem legs! RAWR!!!

bsoholic said...

Awww too cute! It is amazing how people could toss out such loveable animals.

AndyT13 said...

Nice pup! HHNT!

barefoot_mistress said...

Yeah, dogs are so loving, arent they! And, bless you for rescuing her! Happy HNT

snavy said...

Cte doggie & great pic.


MamaKBear said...

Awwww what a sweet pic and sweet story!

Happy HNT! :)

Binsk said...

How sweet...I've been thinking of getting a dog, but just keep putting it off, I guess if one ran into my life I wouldn't procrastinate any longer. :)

FantasticAlice said...

DUSTY DUSTY! My poli-post is up!

Lee Ann said...

Nice legs and nice pup! Happy HNT!

Chick said...

I love how pooches sleep all over you like that...great shot of your pretty legs & your comfy dog (I miss mine so).

It does my heart good to know there are people out there like you...who'll rescue a little soul like deserve each other's kindness (plus Baby loves baseball too...I just know she does).

Happy HNT.

Gabby said...

Awww, cute pooch!

Happy HNT!

Tommy Gunn said...

That is so sweet. Dogs truly are a man (and woman's) best friend. Great gams by the way. HHNT

IT-Chick said...

Maybe you should name her
saint JQP
it is as close to sainthood as he'll get.
He does take up for the abused & tossed out
and well..
He wishes he were that cute and cuddly ...
and says he dreams about you
the dog
between your
legs and

should I turn red now???

FunkyB said...

My pup snores too, and it makes me love her sooooooooooooo much more than I already do.

Your comment about wishing you'd known her sooner -- I melted a little. So sweet!


Queen of Ass said...

She's adorable! I want one!

Jerry said...

lucky dog.

Col. Dr. said...

still no dusterella tatas...

Oh, and your government is spying on you.

feetman78 said...

nice legs. take off those socks for me.