Sunday, January 29, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Piazza is a Padre..can it get any worse?

37 year old Mike Piazza is now a Padre..why, I dont know. He hasn't got a pair of knees that merit $1.75 Million Large for one year(plus that infamous incentive cash too)...I swear to god he doesn't. His numbers have steadily gone downward for the last eight years..last year was disgusting..113 games with a .251 avg and a whopping 19 homers.

Must be the fact that none of the AL teams offered him anything decent..jeez..would you? He should be finishing out his career as a DH in Kansas City...I ain't kidding. But the padres, who pinch pennies worse than the ball and chain offered him a great deal for an old, broken-down catcher..guess ya can't blame him for taking it.

On the positive will bring experience to a young pitching staff..well, Trevor isn't young by any stretch of the imagination, and either is Woody Williams..but the rest are pretty green..His calls behind the plate could help the staff as a whole. Plus he can still hit the occasional homer. Course Pet-food Park is spacious and hard to hit it out past the fences..but Mikie has done it before..he holds the record for homers for a catcher I think.. He used to be a career .3oo hitter..before his knees went south.

Did I mention I never liked Piazza? When he was a Dodger? WTF are they gonna do w/Doug Mirabelli, whom they got from Boston when they traded my beloved Mark Loretta.

Kevin Towers is an overly tanned, fathead,brain dead my opinion.

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Anonymous said...

Pizza is a big upgrade over what the Padres had. If he catches 90 to 100 games, hits .250, 60 RBI and 15 HR, I'll take it.

Letting Ramon go was a big mistake.

And he does bring experience and leadership to the team.

The Padres have not improved as much as the Dodgers this off season, but going into the off season, they were a better team. It should be a competitive summer.

-- howard

Bruce said...

My 11 year old niece has a better arm than Piazza... Oh, btw, Reggie Sanders wilkl most likely be DH'ng for KC this year, so that was not an option for Pizza boy.

dusty said...

I think Ramon was a good catcher with a bad year..yes the pad's screwed up by not holding on to him but they shop at Kmart so what do you expect?

B..tell me something I dont already know dearest :P

Bruce said...

Well, you know SO much, I wouldn't know where to start.. :P

jeffro said...

yeah, he brings experience - he's very experienced at letting runners go wild on the basepaths. how come a warm-weather team like the Angels couldn't put the scratch together for him to DH?