Friday, January 27, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Back from Reno

It was a hairy 7 hour ride to make alone. The ball and chain couldn't go. He has something going on medically lately and even though I detest his ass..I had to go for Lisa. She's his daughter and I care about her regardless of her parentage.

They have snow up there..and its cold. Needless to say I didn't drive around much.

And I will most likely have to drive back up again soon. I helped her emotionally cope with things and even did the dishes..I mostly just listened to her talk..and held her alot. I am a touchy feely kinda person and she needed it..its amazing what human touch will do for someone that is suffering emotionally..

I tried to tell her about what she will go through..the feelings she will experience. I am so weird about that shit..being a psych major in college does that do want to make people feel secure that they arent losing their minds or feeling some emotion that isn't normal..its ALL normal when you experience a major loss in your life. I tried to tell her that when everyone leaves and its just her and the kid and her invalid mom..when there is silence finally, she will then really feel the loss of Harold. I told her to come spend time here in Bakersfrigginfield.. her dad would make her laugh with his goofy bullshit, I would rail against the establishment and she could slowly get used to being alone before going home to a house without Harold in it. Lisa owns a bar with her oldest friend Terry..crazy Terry from Delano.

When the ball and chain can travel, we will have to go back up. He's getting an MRI early next week and the doctor told him he couldnt travel over the Sierra Nevada Mt. range since they aren't sure what the hell is wrong with him. They have bandied about the following words: aneurism, arterial blockage or maybe just plain ole tinnitus. He's such a pain in my ass about pain..nice play on words there dont you think?

There is an old wives tale that bad things come in threes..thats what bothers me ..whats the third thing?

Hope it wont be too bad..I dont think I have alot of room left for dealing with bad things.

Unless of course its Bush getting Impeached..I really could handle that...wait..that would make Dick Cheney the Prez..maybe I couldnt handle hell, he's gonna be indicted for Plame-gate..

so that means...ah nevermind..lets wait to see what happens.

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