Thursday, January 12, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

HNT offering for the week.

I know Feetman wants a shot of my new shoes, but its early and I gotta go to

we get the newest feral kitten and my arm encased in my pajama top..cami and all.

This is Fuzzy. He is one of two ferals to survive out of the litter of five. He was extremely sick. The odds of him surviving were very very slim, the vet said. He was touch and go for two weeks. He has the softest fur of any cat I have ever seen. Fuzz might be a girl, we aren't sure yet. But he/she is a cutie and very happy to be part of our home. Notice the remote laying next to me..YES, I sleep w/it,under my pillow. You can never have the tv remote too close ya know?

10 people gave us their .02 cents:

Wenchy said...

Happy HNT to you!

KatieFeldmom said...

Happy HNT!
Hope the kitty is doing well!

~ Amanda X&O said...

Cute kitty... he looks very happy

Jaxe said...

awww, i'm sorry they have suffered, i hope fuzzy et. al are now thriving! happy hnt Dusty!

Queen of Ass said...

*wolf whistle*

Nice HNT, Sugar!

daisyduke said...

hey...nice puss!


bsoholic said...

Fuzzy's a cutie! Glad he/she hung in there.

Happy HNT D! :)

John Q. Public esq. said...

Happy NLT, or whatever..

are those jail stripes?



MamaKBear said...

Awwwww, the kitty looks perfectly healthy now!

HappY HNT! :)

feetman78 said...

maybe your sexy shoes next time.