Friday, January 13, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

I cant take it anymore.

I gotta post about baseball..that wonderful american pastime that is in hiatus and its driving me mad.

It all comes down to pitching..EVERYONE needs a pitcher or two..or three. All three types...starters, middle relievers and of course a decent closer. Three of the five "top" free agent starters have signed..why bring them up now, they found a job...fuckers. Padres didnt get a one of em. This doesn't surprize me however. Lima is still out there and Jeff Weaver and The Rocket can't sign with the Astro's till right before the season starts, so he's fair game too.

The Bosox swear on everything holy they are still trying to move Manny...pardon me whilst I LMAO. Right, they are trying..and I had great sex with a famous rock star.

The gents that elect the Hall of Fame players are really getting on my last nerve. Those fucktards are making life miserable for players that should be in no sweat..Jim Rice, Goose Gossage for gods sake! I mean, can those two NOT be in the HOF.

Ok, I feel better now..i got it off my chest. We will now resume our regularly scheduled bullshit.

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Chick said...

Thanks for a baseball withdrawal symptoms are lessening already...

I hope you're right & my Manny STAYS RIGHT WHERE HE BELONGS...because I'm having enough trouble seeing Damon in fucking pin stripes...I don't think my heart could take Manny on another team too.

Bruce said...

Any team that would be willing to take on Manny deserves him, IMO. This year's FA class is about as shitty as I've seen it in a very long time. Case in point..AJ Burnett. The guy is a career sub-.500 pitcher and gets $11 million/year. Mediocre relievers are getting more money than they ever thought they'd see, and the list of available OF doesn't exactly make one drool over them. The Cardinals new starting corners this year will may want to sit down for this...Larry Bigbie and Juan Encarnacion. And it looks like the 2B will be Junior Spivey. Doesn't exactly make you shake in your shoes, does it?

Anonymous said...

I take it you're a Padres fan?


dusty said...

Yes Howard..I am a padres fan born and bred. But as a former resident of Beantown, I heart them also. too, I can breathe now.

B..yes it was a thin market this year at all positions. There will always be pitchers overpaid on the open stinks but its the nature of the beast. I always foam at the mouth when a worthless pitcher gets more than a fantastic utility guy or a five tool player.

IT-Chick said...

Geez, I guess I am going to hafta learn about this baseball game.

Why can't you like Hockey!!!