Monday, January 16, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Bum calls, bookies taking it in the shorts..

The officials working this weekends NFL games werent the sharpest knives in the drawer in some instances..the Pittsburgh game comes to mind. A completed the OTHER team? huh?Isnt that an interception?

The 'hawks beat the spread by ONE point and Indy was favored over Pitt..methinks some bookies aren't very happy with some of the outcomes this weekend...heh heh.

Neither Indy or the Pats are gonna be playing next weekend. Golf maybe but not football. The Seahawks did it without their numero uno guy and League MVP, Shaun Alexander.

Steelers and Seahawks..sounds good to moi.

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John B. said...

Agreed. This is the worst weekend of officiating that I have seen in the playoffs in a long time.

daisyduke said...

world cup baseball thing? no cuba. what is wrong with this world. all the shit is just too much for me. "we" detest terrorists and go to their country to kill them. we love cigars but won't let their makers onto our soil (I think it's because everyone knows cubans are better baseball players...)

Bruce said...

anytime politics and sports are mixed together, it can only be bad.

dusty said...

The US has had a "case of the ass" against Cuba for fucking ever..its stupid and they need to get over it. Castro will die eventually and who knows what will happen when he does. Cuba should be in the World Cup and thats it..nuff said.

IT-Chick said...

I'm sorry.
I can't see through my tears.
It was my first football game ever.

Queen of Ass said...

Plus? The Stars lost. I'm depressed.

The Zombieslayer said...

I'm just glad the Colts lost. I like Dungy, but hate the Manning family. I'd say Dungy should jump ship and come to the Packers, but we'll see how this new guy works out first.

Joel said...

I won't watch the game, but my heart is with the Seahawks.