Saturday, January 14, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

The Superbowl has lost its roman numerals..does anyone care?

Probably not. It was determined that the "younger" audience, those in their early twenties and younger, had no clue about roman numerals. They did not know how to read them or convert them. Sad ain't it? They were saying" Superbowl Extra Large?" when they saw the roman numerals for this years big show.

Don't they teach em anymore in school?

Anyone download and play with Yahoo's "widgets" yet? I am hooked on several of them.

Its cold and rainy today. My bones are hating is the heating bill police aka the ball and chain..

Gotta go watch some Football..amf's.

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IT-Chick said...

AW Dustilicious! I have had a couple of blog love entries on the love of yahoo widgets.

I am in LOVE in the widget lane. I even found one that plays "battleship" remember that old game? Wow it's fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm just surprised young people these days can understand double-digit numbers.

It seems the "keep 'em dumb" approach isn't working, despite You Know Who's best efforts...

Joel said...

Super Bowl Extra Large? I love it. :)

The Zombieslayer said...

No, they cut all the cool school programs to save money.

As boring as school was when you and I went to school, it's ten times worse now.

Anonymous said...

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