Sunday, September 24, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Trevor Hoffman, No. 51 : Off speed KILLS..

41,000 strong were at the ballpark today to see Trevor Hoffman record the save that put his name in the record books. He started as a Marlin in '93. He has only been on two teams his whole career, and he did it in 3 less years than Smith did. I watched it live on my laptop. I got misty I tell ya. So, in Trevors honor, we shall listen to Hells Bells, a song I have heard more than any other song in the friggin least 300 ya know? Say what you want about the Pads, but they got him the game enough times over his career to get to 479, and all of two of them with the Padres. At the last game of the last homestand of the year..all fucking right dude :)

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