Wednesday, September 27, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

T.O. tries suicide..then says he didn't

Who friggin knows with this whackjob? Sportsline has the lastest..he's catching passes this afternoon and it was all a mistake..

or a bad reaction...

or the supplements he was taking..

or pick a new one..this guy is nucking futs..and the biggest attention ho this side of pluto.

A copy of the unedited police report is here from the smoking gun. The cops are now blacking out most of the info if you request a copy of the report per various sources.

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Seamus said...

"..this guy is nucking futs..and the biggest attention ho this side of pluto"
seems to say it all!!!

dusty said...

Yeah, but in a way, I feel sad for him. He must be very lonely or alone to be like this.. you can be in a room full of people and be all alone. TO has become a real person..not his persona anymore.

Anonymous said...

Its fucking sad. Because I know everybody hates TO and that just makes me love him more. But suicide is for weaklings.

dusty said... even have a clue why people hate this sick sumbitch? Could it be because he thinks he defies team rules? Could it be because he thinks he is better than his teammates? Could it possibly be because this fuckwit is delusional and needs to be the center of the sportsworld?

I love an underdog..this fuckwit isn't an underdog..hes a douchebag dear.plain and simple.

Anonymous said...


OK dusty baby.

I have already been in a huge argument with one of my best friends who wont speak to me anymore over this motherfucker and I think its time I fold my hand but before I do I just wanna say one thing or maybe a two. I like to take the side of the devil a lot of time because I am so used to being the black sheep or in this case the black dog. I know hes a punk and to be frank I like sports but I dont know half as much as you do plain and simple therefore that disqualifies me from commenting on TO or on any sporting event. Sometimes I feel a special sense of connection to TO because we have so much in common in the talent department we just operate in different arenas.

I think I just called myself a punk and a douche.

Dont be mad its all in good fun.

dusty said...

I did not mean to suggest you could not comment, I apologize if I came off that way. When it comes to T.O., I am not rational. I can't believe that teams keep signing this guy, thats all.

Anonymous said...

No no I didnt take it that way at all. I'm saying I cant comment because I dont know jack shit about sports. I was all fired up about TO when he played for philly and he let me down I think its a shame that someone could have so much great talent and let his ego ruin it.

dusty said...

I drafted him every year until this year in my fantasy leagues. I just couldn't bring myself to draft the fuckwit after what he had done to philly,the team and the fans. I am a big eagles fan too. I usually don't let personal feelings bother me when drafting..its go for the good players..but this year I said fuck it..I also didn't draft Barroid Bonds.