Wednesday, September 13, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

From our WTF? dept today..

T.O..refused to comment on something? Is the friggin sky falling? He wouldn't discuss the QB controversy in Dallas..what a shocker..perhaps its because the dipshit hasn't taken too many passes from either of them, or he finally saw Alex and bought a clue..or someone in the front office told him to shut the hell up for a change..

Steve Foley was shot in the back of the leg, twice even..yeah, the cop was skeered according to his side of the story, plus the sumbitch was off-duty,following Foley all the way to his house..fucking bastard..Foley is a big, black man..6'4" 260 a very white, very rich part of San Diego, the island of Coronado. The investigators are recommending he be charged with a misdemeanor DUI, but won't release his b.a.c..

sorry, but I am calling bullshit on the charges against Foley. The DA's office is covering its lily-white ass. This is the second time they have jumped the gun on Foley, last time saying he attacked officers during another "altercation" but the DA didn't press charges due to lack of evidence that time..code for you lying bags of shit in blue uni's.

Foley will miss the entire season..hope the boys in blue are happy, they fucked him out of his livelyhood...racisim still comes in blue uniforms and wears a badge.. even in San Diego.

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Anonymous said...

TO has BO

But there is no denying his football prowess. Maybe he has learned to keep his yip yap shut and let his game speak for him.

dusty said...

I know he is one of the top tier WR's but I still refused to draft his stupid ass this season..he is getting hurt way too much.

Anonymous said...

I dont blame you.