Friday, September 08, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Its friday and its football season too..

Last night..a game. Can I get an amen? hey..check out this ad..the chick can crack walnuts some kinda bad eh?

Baseball however is still hot in this household.. only 24 days 21 hours 55min and 58 sec until the playoffs..The Padres still have a chance..

I am really craving a fine glass of wine. But all the meds dictate no..this so fucking sucks.

I need a release of some sort..I will get back to you on what I figure out. Meanwhile I gotta check my 8,567 fantasy teams..thats a friggin job unto itself.

Have a good, cool more heatwave and I go postal.

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Seamus said...

LMAO at the walnut ad!!!!! :D

Sux about the nix on wine (and other RAB) :(

dusty said...

Wasn't that a great ad? Jesus, I spent an hour on that site after I found it.

S. R. said...

I could've swore that I already commented that I don't like football at all hours of the week. I prefer it packed all into Saturday. Thursday football on NBC is just weird.

dusty said...

Sonic..I am not a big fan of football all week either at this is still makes for problems in my watching sports..

S. R. said...

I meant Sunday. Pack all the Fb on Sunday.

Football at all hours screws up my TV watching too. It is not football weather yet, IMO.

jagular said...

Where do you find such wonderful pictures?

I can't really get into football anymore. My friends all say it is because I am married.
But I think it is because I watched the rams/titans superbowl. Now I never have to watch another game in my life.

The Misanthrope said...

Just hang on. There is one more burst of hot weather coming either today or tomorrow, but it will end shortly.