Wednesday, September 13, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Blogger is a bitch today..and so am I

After trying numerous times to post today..this will be my last attempt..if blogger eats this..I am done for the day. My back is still killing me after Monday's physical therapy session..that ain't good.

My fantasy football teams did ok..4 wins, 2 losses. Fantasy sports games are nothing more than chance..that is my belief can pick what you think are the best players available and if they don't get hurt or suck ass for some reason the entire season..then consider yourself lucky. Tampa, who had one of the best defenses' last year, sucked badly and I got creamed in both the leagues that I had them in. I will not panic..yet. Jake Delhomme sucked also but I had other players make up the difference..praise jeebus. I am not playing in yahoo's leagues this year, I gave FOX and Sportsline's leagues a try since they have live stat scoring for the whole year, which beats the shit out of Yahoo, who will only give you a taste of the live scoring then yank it away in a week or two like a drug dealer trying to hook you on crack..kiss my hairy ass Yahoo..twice even.

I did prevail in the Baseball playoffs but now I play the 1st place guy.I will be exiting the playoffs after this week..its a given at this point. I never beat the prick during the regular season, I don't see Buddha covering my ass during the playoffs against this guy.

The Padres still hold a tenuous lead in the Wild Card..only a game and a half..they lost last night in 11 innings, but so did the Dodgers..which gave me some comfort. The Pad's are playing 3 with the Reds so we will either increase our lead in the WC or drop like the proverbial turd in the toilet bowl of sports..

The Charges beat the Raiders, but thats not saying much. Poor Art Shell..why did that dumb ass come back to coaching and the Raiders no less..but we did beat them in their house..take that you freaks.

Its only 20 days 5 hours 19 min and 28 seconds till the playoffs commence in Baseball...

This is my favorite line from Fark this morning: ""The Government is staffed with mostly well-intentioned but incompetent people."--reminds me of my last job in San Diego..

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Seamus said...

Blogger's been fuggered all week! :(

Sorry to hear your back's giving you a bad time. Can you rest it?

Bruce said...

The G-men are in St. Louis this weekend; you gonna pull for the Cards, babe? ;)

dusty said...

I pull for most everyone but the Phillys, the Reds and of course the hated Dodgers B..

I do rest it Seamus..seems like thats all i friggin do is rest it..but thanks sweetie :)

trying2hide said...

I am sorry that your pain is holding you hostage. I KNOW that sucks sweaty balls

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Fark's comment, I don't believe the gang in the white house are well-intentioned. They are self-serving rats.
The Misanthrope

dusty said...

Misanthrope..I think its about the majority of the worker ants..not the fuckwits in the exceutive branch dear..