Tuesday, September 05, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Padres closing in on first .....wonders will never cease!

The Dodgers lost..again, to the Milwaukee..puts us only 1 game back now..and a 2 game lead in the NL WC..jeebus christ I love this game...

Plus the new MLB package I ordered for the final month has some great program called Mosaic where you can watch 6 games at a time..I know...overkill..but I am loving it :)

My back is still screaming at me, the PT hasn't done much yet, but you have to realize I did nothing with it for 2 months whilst fighting the bastards at the insurance company..

My fantasy draft was fucked up tonight..Fox Sports can kiss my friggin ass..I did not want my first 6 pics to be 3WR's and 3RB's ya fucktards..not enough servers boys? That's ok..I have 4 other teams to fret over..this one wont' bother me if it goes south.

Its fucking hot and humid and that makes me a cranky bitch..

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sumo said...

Well...I guess you know what happened with Andre...I could have written a tribute to him...but after seeing the 'end' and how choked up the crowd and he got with his speech I just decided to let it go into oblivion. How does one describe such 'moments in time'? Heh heh!

The Misanthrope said...

It's an interesting race. That will be something if the Dodgers fold. My Angels won again and they are now within five of Oakland and I believe they play oakland seven more times before this month is over.

S. R. said...

Nomar is only hitting .200 the second half of the season.

I had a feeling that Milwaukee would win some games. Can't keep losing forever. Dodgers need to score some fucking runs.