Monday, September 18, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Padres vs Dodgers..after two innings..

Its 4-2 Pads..

Both pitchers are pitching like shit. This was touted as ace vs. ace. Penny is sweating like a pig and Peavy is bitching and yelling at Piazza. There have been 10 hits through 2 innings...

Its gonna be a long night.

Rothlesberger and the Steelers aren't looking so hot either..but then neither are the Jax.

Like I said..its going to be a long night. My fantasy era is going upward each time Peavy takes the mound. I cringe at the mere thought of looking at my stats tonight.

On a positive note the new tv season starts. The two tv shows, not counting sporting events, I watch will premiere this week.

This just in..Mike fucking suck. Keep you eye ON the ball and Catch the fucking ball. Its not complicated you fucktard.

Should I continue to watch this trainwreck or watch whatever I was dvr'ing an hour ago?

Oh bfd. They split the series, it's the worst that can happen right? We are back with the Dodgers in front by half a freaking game. Pads still on top in the Wild Card party. Did the Mets clinch?

That bag of batshit in the livingroom has been hooting and hollering for five fucking minutes. God, can I kill him now? It's tied you dipshit, its still early and my pen is better than yours...I think.

This is so unfair on some level..

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Bruce said...

At least the Pads didn't lose to the Brewers... Phat Albert took a called 3rd strike in the 9th with a runner on second...won't see that too often.
BTW...did you get to see Meet the Press?

dusty said...

The Pads are ahead its the top of the ninth..both teams sucked ass tonight seriously. Losing to the brewers is bad B..sorry :(

I tivo'd MTP, I will watch it tonight if I can't sleep..

S. R. said...

You got it bad? I feel like the kicked dog. You'd think they were playing the game on the moon.

dusty said...

OK..the nightmare is over..Dodgers won this slugfest..thank god its fucking over.

Neither team will make it far in the playoffs Sonic.

S. R. said...

True Dusty. Same is true for any NL team in the WS.

Anonymous said...

Everybody is saying last night's game was one of the greatest, but I missed it, just my luck.
The Misanthrope

dusty said...

Well, it was only great if you count lousy pitching, lousy fielding and crummy umpire calls among great items. I do not Misanthrope.

Al Swearengen said...

That's the Steeler offense for you - when they can't run the ball and Ward is double-teamed, you can beat them. it's how the Pats end up beating them every time.

I really like Del Rio...I hope the Jags can figure out how to score points

dusty said...

DelRio is a good guy, I hope he makes it as a coach.

Anonymous said...

Dusty, you have to consider it great because of four consecutive home runs, no matter how bad the pitching is that is still amazing.

The Misanthrope

Al Swearengen said...

Del Rio gets shit on big time, but he's done well with what he's had...looks like Taylor is going to be alright this know he's dying to run the ball 60-65% of the plays...they can put a hurting on Indy once in a while...only team in that division that can at least once a year.

dusty said...

Exactly AL, with what he has had..its not the cream of the crop by any stretch of the imagination.