Saturday, February 18, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

So the company asked me to do a "how we doing" survey..

My jaw dropped when I saw it in my Inbox. An invitation to participate in a survey about the "company". What I liked was the word "anonymous". Of course I really don't care if its anonymous. I would love to have someone from the home office in Chicago call me and ask me how its going.

I have been with the "company" for a year this month. It started as just a part time pay those pesky credit card bills the ball and chain isn't aware of, to pay for my shoe addiction.

I soon became the only field service rep here in the southend of the San Joaquin Valley. I capitalize that phrase because I think this is a fine part of the United States, an important part of the food chain...but I digress. My part-time job became full time. This is not a good thing. Then when I asked about a "raise" appearing on my paycheck sometime soon, my superior who lives in San fucking Jose said: What raise?

I said its typical and expected that at least once a year you get a raise, no matter how small and insignificant it might be. I don't get health insurance, I am afterall, a part-time are the rest of the employees at my level of employment. I also LOST money after Jan 1st because the bastards at the home office deceided that when I drive for an hour or two or even three sometimes to complete a task that I should only be compensated at two thirds of my normal pay rate. Guess you aren't really working in "their" eyes while your driving..evidently it doesn't dawn on them that I would probably love to be doing something other than driving a four hour round trip for them to complete some stupid fucking task that some bimbo in New York City at..oh lets say..Frito-fucking-Lay cooked up one day in order to plan their next "campaign" to sell you all some fucking potato chips or dips.

Anyway..back to that email in my inbox...

I got a ever-so-slight buzz and clicked on the link in the email...I didn't have to log in or identify myself. The survey started immediately. It was in sections, and it asked generalized questions about how I viewed my trainor, my training, my job in general..that kind of crap. I was harsh to say the least. I was eager to get through it hoping at the end I would get to add my two cents..

I did.

It felt very good to tell them exactly what I thought of the "company" and the fools running it. I enjoyed the hell out bitching about my laptop which is still using Windows 98, and breaks down every other fucking day. I smiled when I typed very professionally I might add, that morale has got to suck ass really bad when you lose money, instead of being rewarded for hard work and covering an entire territory that is supposed to have THREE fucking reps instead of one. I really got my rocks off when I regaled them with my views that sometimes it feels like I work for the mob because I have no fucking clue of anyones names, address or fucking phone number at the "home" office to contact when I have a problem with my Field Manager who screens her fucking calls and returns them days later when its of little help.

Now, bear in mind that I am speaking plainly with you my dear reader. I was above board and professional at all times when I bit the hand that pays me. I did not cuss or use slang. I did all my bitching in such a way as to embarrass the living hell out of them but it was obvious that I,the employee, was educated and highly pissed off at being utilized as little more than a piece of meat..a very cheap cut of meat I might add.

My last comment was this, verbatim: I have never, in the 35 plus years I have been in the workforce, worked for a company that thought so little of its employees and treated them as nothing more than a bunch of packmules to be ignored,exploited and expected to perform on a moments notice for next to nothing in monetary consideration with regards to lowering my pay when driving to a job hours away.

At least it made me feel better..

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Bruce said...

I had a job like that once...for 22 1/2 fucking years.

dusty said...

I will only be there until the doc's figure out wtf is wrong w/the ball and chain. The opportunity to work when I want to is the only thing keeping me there at this point. It works into my schedule of doc. appts and tests for numbnuts. Now is not a good time to switch jobs..but that time is coming..until then I will tell them to kiss my ass at every opportunity. My favorite response to my boss is: Ask me if I care, you need me more than I need you lady.

Its true too LOL.

Anonymous said...

Gawd, the truth sounds sweet when there's bitter, pent up retribution fueling it.

IT-Chick said...

I know this place all over the country, we even have a lil' factory in cali... rancho cucomonga or something like that?

I feel like we are co-workers Dustilicious. 'Cept your home office is in shy-town and my home office is yes one state away from me, which would cover shy-town but in the wrong direction.

An80sNut said...

I'm just hoping nothing you said led them to believe you are the one that sent it. But good job in telling them where they stand. B)