Sunday, February 05, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Eugene O'Neill was da bomb..

And the sumbitch died in 1953 for gods sake.. He was an American Playwright who also won a Nobel Prize in '36 for Literature. He was father-in-law of Charlie Chaplin.

His work although twisted..characters as gritty as they come, was a great study in dysfunctional-families..or relationships.

His play" Long Days Journey Into Night" is a classic and he is thought by many I might add,to be the father of modern Theater. I acted in that play, a local group in San Diego, during the 80's..I won't tell you what role I tell me.

One of my favorites is: A Moon for the Misbegotten, which was produced for TV in the middle 70's and starred Colleen Dewhurst and Jason Robards..see it if you can.

All this because.....the ball and chain was watching a friggin western that had Jason Robards in it...sorry..

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Neil Shakespeare said...

And George is taking us on that long day's journey...

Bruce said...

If it was Jason Robards, it was either "Johnny Got His Gun" or "Once Upon a Time in the West", I'm thinking.

dusty said...

Hell if I know B..i hate westerns :P

Neil..dont get me started on the Shrub..its superbowl sunday.

Bruce said... played Kathleen, right?

dusty said...

NO..the role of Mary dear heart..the drug addict..