Friday, February 10, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

For those in need of a lil help from above..

From the "WTF" department: Wayne "The Great One" Gretsky is in trouble..and his lovely wife is in deep shit. Evidently they have ALOT of disposable income. Jesus, to be in their shoes, but I digress...Janet Gretsky has spent roughly Half A MILLION LARGE in the last two months on sports betting. And they weren't doing it thru Vegas which begs the question..why not? its legal there for gods sake. They were using some bookie out of Jersey..(LMAO)and his partner a Jersey police officer. Wayne of course feels bad for Janet but has told anyone that will listen, including the feds who were wiretapping his phone that he was NOT involved and NO she didn't place bets for him.

I dont know if she did or didn't place bets for Wayne and I really don't care if she blew her wad of shopping coin on a Timberwolves game..but its gonna get ugly, you can bet your collection plate on that fact. The Coyotes asst head coach Rick Tocchett is also in this up to his eyeballs and has taken a leave of absence from the

No one bet on hockey..right..and Pete Rose didn't bet on baseball. Whatever..

If your bored, a link to one of the many stories is here...and here..oh and heres another one from Waynes homeland of Canada.

P.S..the NEW quote in my header is for all those friggin Muslims that can't take a fucking joke.

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John B. said...

Gretsky is gonna try telling me he had no knowledge of his wife or assistant coach illegally betting on sports?

I assume betting on any sport is against NHL rules, certainly doing it illegally is. betting in any form is never good for a gives the appearance of impropriety.

A guy can get in deep with a bookie and be forced to throw games based on owing money. Same if his wife owes money.

The Great One screwed up, plus he is hanging his wife out to dry for his own clean image.

Bruce said...

Now, his wife has come out and said that she never placed a bet on the Great One's behalf. Ooooo-kayyyy....

John Q. Public esq. said...

You know I was just thinking of my halcyon days as a podiatrist’s assistant in Panama City, Florida. Yes, the days of wine and roses.

oh and Gretsky was framed... its the neo-cons and big oil.


Neil Shakespeare said...

And as we all know, compulsive gamblers never lie. Gambling and lying have never even been seen in the vicinity of one another. And, of course, if you put a microphone in front of someone that means they can't lie. Nobody can lie in front of a microphone. And certainly not about gambling.

JimBob said...

Love the Muslim comment. It's about time.

How come it's OK for every illustrator out there to draw cartoons that make fun of christianity, but they can't make fun of mohammed?

I say, ridicule them ALL - maybe it will open some folks' eyes.


Gretzky's goin' down. His initial response has been to lie. Bad call. He's gonna BURN.

Pete Rose is currently at home telling himself: "I can go back out in public now!"

Anonymous said...

Gretzky is no Pete Rose, and he isn't going anywhere.

He's Wayne! He's The Great One! He's...he's...he's Canadian!

Canadian, I tells ya!

Seriously, the New Jersey State Police said The Great One wasn't involved, and if you can't trust the word of a law enforcement employee from New Jersey, who can you trust?