Friday, February 17, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Baseball and other important things.

The Boston RedSox owner, John Henry is quite upset. He is none to happy with turning over his largesse to teams less fortunate than his. Over on, there is an article wherein ol' John bitches about the "tax" that keeps him and Yankee's owner George Steinbrenner constantly filling the coffers of poorer, smaller marktet teams. I see his point, really I do...but I still have to say that until a better mousetrap is built, this is the only one baseball has.

Pitchers and catchers have or are reporting now to all clubs. The position players all report between Feb 19th and the 24th. Of course the guys playing in the first annual World Baseball Classic will be leaving camp to play for their respective homelands..which in the baseball world is quite a few countries dont ya know.. The WBC will be played between March 3rd-20th. Steinbrenner bitched about it what's new you might ask..I didn't however. Its a true baseball kinda day when Georgie has something to complain about.

The WBC will be played all over the place. They will be holding the finals at my beloved PetFood Park in San Diego. For a schedule of who's playing whom where..the link is here.

The grass in my backyard is already up to my can lose a small dog in that shit. Just means spring is around the corner and so is baseball.

Albert Belle, that stellar, standup guy...has been arrested for stalking his ex-girlfriend..what a guy!

Wayne Gretsky and his lovely bride Janet are off the hook..Rick Tocchet isn't however.

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Chick said...

I think the tax is supposed to even the large & small market teams out a bit...but it only does that if the small market teams actually stop pocketing the $$$. Not all teams are guilty...I'm just saying that there should be rules as to how the money is spent. is almost here.