Tuesday, February 14, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Knight School

Espn is going to have another reality show..this time featuring none other than..drumroll please..Bobby Knight. Yes, THAT Bobby Knight..the former basketball coach from Indiana who now coaches Texas Tech. Its called "Knight School"..cute.

Cold Pizza interviewed him this morning about his new show. He refused to call it a reality show..mumbling something about it being anything but a reality show. They had Dana interview him and he was his usual charming self, telling her he would love to have her cook him some breakfast. The show will be about some poor kids trying to make the team as a walkon.

Then she made the mistake of asking him about Mike Davis, the current coach for IU..not a good idea. He told her he would not discuss Mike or IU. Dana persisted and Bobby promptly took his ear piece out and left the studio..guess he told her huh?

His ego is the size of Texas..but thats nothing new. I will watch the first installment of his "show" and report back to you, the sportsfan.

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John B. said...

I have always said this about the guy (and bear in mind that I am an IU grad and big fan of IU basketball):

Knight the coach is a hall-of-famer, one of the 5 or so best college basketball coaches ever. If I had a son with good talent (good talent, not talent that was sure NBA material), if my son had strong character and an ability to see through the BS and yelling and learn to take instructions from Knight, he could play for Knight any day. Just be able to handle the BS, the guy makes leaders out of people and knows how to teach the game. But you learn it his way or the highway.

Knight the man is most likely an ass in the long run...great to have a drink with, but anything more and he is a bully, a 'my way' kind of guy. All of his close friends are really subservient to him in the long run.

Knight's players (the ones that stay 4 years) are fiercely loyal to him...he is not for everyone as a player, but the guy knows basketball and he knows how to maximize potential.

Sonicrusk said...

I agree with John.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Dusty! Happy Valentine's day!

IT-Chick said...

Those that stick for the four years then turn later tank.

Look at Alford.

Bruce said...

Fuck Knight...

Kurt said...

Coach Knight does a talk radio show during basketball season here in Dallas on KTCK. The two hosts of the show had real trepidation about doing it when they started about Knight being an asshole and all the other BS.
What they found, as did the listeners, is that Knight is loyal to his friends (Bill Parcels being one of the closest), to his team and to a proven method of playing basketball and coaching. He is also a bit of a renaissance man, with a great deal more depth than just the Xs and Os of basketball.
John stated it well. He is not for everyone, is definitely old-shcool (Hello? West Point!) but knows what he is doing. He has also been able to capitalize on the image that has grown up around him and turn it into millions of dollars. Sort of like Donald Trump.
What a country!

John Q. Public esq. said...

Bobby, is a dick-prick-ego-feed-fucker...

and I am in Indiana, I can say that.


John B. said...

Knight really is a renaissance man as stated above...he's a big fan of General Patton (go figure) and is very knowledgeable about history in general. He is a knowledgeable conversationalist from all accounts, but is a no bones about it won't blow sunshine up your skirt conversationalist. And he is fiercely loyal to his friends, as pointed out above.

I'll bet he is a guy that takes the upper hand right away, and if you don't cower to him or act like an ass, if you speak intelligently, he is OK with you.

He definitely doesn't suffer fools, pomp and circumstance or snowjobs. And he has anger management issues.

dusty said...

Well Bobby would never consider me a friend..I could not be subservient to him. If he had made the "breakfast" comment to me, I would of had a snappy comeback and waited for his response, then fired both barrels, in an off-hand smart ass kinda way..similar to his own style LOL.

But.if Bobby doesnt get the upper hand..he walks off sulking..he's a punk in that respect..all I'm saying.