Friday, February 24, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Korn rocks Bakersfrigginfield...and other items of interest.

Korn, a bunch of local gents who made it big, opened their tour here in town tonight..gee, I missed it.

But Bob Dylan is coming to town in April.I want to see him, its been over 20 years since I last saw Bob...wonder if he's changed much(i say with a straight face).

Axl freaking Rose is finally going to unleash "Chinese Democracy" on the world according to the latest rumors..I will believe it when I can buy a copy...yes I will buy it..I loved GnR...I know this isn't the real GnR but hey..its worth a shot.

The shit is hitting the fan in Iraq..seriously..I knew it would happen just didn't know when. When religion runs a country it always falls apart if there is more than one religion in the region.

Tricky Dick hasn't shot anyone this week but Patrick Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor for PlameGate, just got a shitload of new emails that incriminate the hell out of Cheney. Bet Dick has a few beers now..just dont get behind the wheel Dick..ok? A third DUI just wouldn't look good at this point in time.

Sheryl Crow had surgery for breast cancer. Good thing she has Lance, he will be great at helping her work through it...cancer, it doesn't discriminate does it?

And on the baseball front..Manny Ramirez shows up late for spring training..jeez, thats a surprize. Alfonso Soriano is still being an ass about changing positions...wotta jerk, be a team player Alfonso..

Piazza is still a heart is could they pick up that dipshit, over-the-friggin-hill sumbitch? Do they always have to shop at Kmart for gods sake?

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Kurt said...

um, dusty? my wife leaves People magazine on the floor in our library and sometimes i go in empty handed....Lance and Sheryl split!
Soriano as a team player? Yeh, and Rumsfield is going to help the Sunnis and Shiites get along. In fact, both those things will happen the same day. I mean, Soriano wasn't going to change positions when there was an ALL-STAR second baseman here in Texas. So Mike Youngs moves to short, makes the All-Star team again and leads the league in hitting. THAT is a class act.

dusty said...

Kurt..I was the last to know about Nick and I apologize about the Sheryl and Lance post..damn, she could really use him now. Soriano is a jerk and he sucks at second..

I don't keep up w/the celebs..cept Axl and thats only because he's a musician.

Thanks for the update sweetie :P

Bruce said...

You do know that the "real" GnR is actually Velvet Revolver, right? The only difference is that Scott Weiland is the front man.

Mr. Brightside said...

Personally, I think Axel Rose is proof that OD'ing and dying young is not the worst fate to happen to a rock star.

Nevertheless, I will probably identify Axel's new band with Guns'n'Roses more than I would Velvet Revolver. It's all about the Axel Rose nasal screech.

Which is not to say I don't think Velvet Revolver is a better band, or that I like Scott Weiland more than Axel Rose.

dusty said...

Axl isn't the most talented singer but I do like his writing. I saw Velvet Revolver and I do think they are a closer incarnation to GnR than Axl's current for the sound of Axl's group..we shall have to wait and see..which is what fuels my anticipation for that damn Chinese Democracy crap.

IT-Chick said...

Don't buy your ass cushions for our patio furniture if they were made in America. Especially at Kmart. I can confirm the Lance and Sheryl break, but he is supporting her thru this ordeal according to many sources, infact, she has asked that cancer queries and donations go to Livestrong foundation. So they must not HATE each other.
You can take the chick outta radio but not....

Anonymous said...

Axl rules!!! It might me worth checking out the new record.

I'm counting the days until Dylan.

John Q. Public esq. said...

you know Axl is from Indiana

dusty said...

I know JQP..its one of the things I heart about him :P