Friday, February 17, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

It's not toxic..really..its not.

A Bio-deisel manufacturing somekindoffrigginplace went up in flamage today..big,thick,black clouds blowing towards Bakersfrigginfield..its on the outskirts south of town.

They had the nads to say it wasn't "toxic"..I of course LMAO over this comment from the nimrods that started the fire. Somehow I feel that smoke so black you can not see through toxic in some has to have a shitload of particulate matter in be so black and not transparent.

The fire dept spokesman said..its not "really" toxic..but stay in your homes, keep the windows closed tight and do not use your airconditioning or heater.


Add to this lovely chemical fire..its rained here today and its very cloudy. It rains oh..maybe 12 friggin times a year..and it had to rain today. SO that means the toxic..well it is..smoke cloud will hang low in the atmosphere..nice. Our idea of rain is like one thousandth of an inch..

I of course went outside..I wanted to smell the air..yes, it did smell funny so I went back inside.

Later on they said it would burn for 2 days..great..I am really looking forward to this weekend now. Plus, its supposed to rain(translation:drizzle)all weekend. Means it will be cloudy all weekend.

I got a headache. Its not from the toxic cloud..its from worrying about the toxic cloud. I gotta find something new to worry about..something that doesn't give me a headache.

Perhaps the Padres..they are always worth worrying about..bonehead trades and pickups they make.

Dick Cheney and his pink tie..on Fox the other night talking about the"accident"..nah..thats not worth worrying about. Dick is always gonna be a dick.

Whether Tony Stewart will win the Daytona..thats a goodie..I will go with that one.

If I dont blog monday..send the troops in to look for me..tell em to wear masks...someone lied about that damn "cloud".

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lecram sinun said...

Burns in the valley are always so festive, arn't they?:)

Neil Shakespeare said...

And where's Merle Haggard when you need him? He could at least write a song called 'My Toxic Lover' or something. 'I'm Proud To Be Toxic non-Toxic Cloud From Bakerfrigginfield'?

Sounds like hell. Hang in there. And above all, don't breathe!

Anonymous said...

I think it was still burning as of today and its sunday. Maybe I'm wrong at least I hope I am.

Look on the bright side this is good for the oil companies and the "local economy" they can jack the price of gas up another ten cents, even though its not related. They never miss a opportunity to raise gas prices god love em.