Monday, June 26, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Some Funnies..

This one comes from that bitch Michelle Malkin. Everyone on the right is pissed off that the NY Times is publishing our state secrets..I figure if he haven't found Osama by now..telling him how we are looking for him isn't hurting a thing..Does the term Keystone Cops ring a bell?

I have little to write about that isn't political or lets just look at something funny shall we? Here is how I am sure the Shrub sees himself when he looks in the mirror each morning.

And my favorite. A couple of weeks ago the story ran of an orange tabby that treed a bear in NJ...twice he ran it up a friggin tree. I have two I love this one. Its hard to see but at the bottom of the tree is a tabby looking upward at the bear..too cute!

Thats all I got today..have a good monday. Tomorrow Baby goes to the vet and something tells me I will be buying a rather large bottle of Skyy Vodka afterwards.

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