Friday, June 09, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Cops raid "Animal House" fraternity

The Travesty!!!! IS NOTHING SACRED? I mean really now..that lovely frat house at Dartmouth College was torn asunder today by the local law enforcement types. They have been investigating the Alpha Delta fraternity for over two years it seems..although johnny law wouldn't say what they were looking for. One poor sod was popped for drugs whilst the cops were hauling off 10 boxes of stuff, a computer, video camera and various other items from the infamous fraternity house portrayed in the 1978 National Lampoon movie "Animal House" starring John Belushi. The linkage to the article is here. Bear in mind the college graduation is Sunday..nice timing johnny law. I mention this not only because its a slow news day for moi but possibly the religious right are once again are being total dickheads..I mean come on..what frat or sorority doesn't drink,smoke and party alot? Ok...there are some that are fine upstanding citizens of the community..then we have the party each his own as long as no one gets else to some folks learn about keggers and hookahs?

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anne altman said...

that flick is my favorite movie. of all time.

2) saturday night fever
3) better off dead

Peter Matthes said...


Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

dusty said...

Peter,you quoted my fav line..I have seen it quoted incorrectly by inserting the Japanese.

Anonymous said...

"i pledge allegiance to the frat, with liberty and fraternity for all..." what ever happened to college kids having fun w/o the law enforcement bothering them? May Animal House live on forever.