Friday, June 16, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

The Day at the Doc's..part deux

Its part Deux because its my second orthopedic surgeon in two months. The first one screwed up, and refused to fix it by appealing the insurance companies decision to deny his request for more physical therapy and any other type of treatment. He didn't follow the rules and then proceeded to tell me he "never files an appeal, its not his problem". No shit..the sumbitch's assistant told me that exactly.Oh..he also doesn't talk to Review boards for insurance companies...WOTTA DICK!

The new doc is awesome..he literally spent over two and a half hours with me. He had 8 different X-ray views of my back,pelvis and hips taken. He made me move in ways I didn't think were possible. He asked me literally over 75 questions about how I feel, how I sleep, what I can and can't do that is part of a normal was a trip.

He has prescribed 7 different medications, a TENS device, home exercise equipment, an MRI, more physical therapy and thats all I can remember at this point.

The old doc gave me one prescription, some PT and told me to call him when I felt I could go back to work.WOTTA DICK!

In other newsy things..the Padres took 2 of 3 from those bastards known as the Dodgers :p

Baseball starts the bullshit known as Interleague Play.. I HATE that shit...seriously. Its flys in the face of traditional baseball...and its FOR THE MONEY,its a marketing fucking tool sportsfans..they draw bigger crowds during this ridiculous time of the season. The AL and NL should never meet unless its in the World Series..thats the way its been and should stay..period.

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Kurt said...

wow! finally it is baseball that dusty is conservative about!
what? you want to take away our Silver Boot series with the Astros so we can play Seattle 6 more times?
kidding lady. glad to hear the new doc is working with you so well. good luck with that.

dusty said...

Kurt..I secretly covet you dear..its the grateful dead thing that pushed me over the edge..seriously.