Wednesday, June 14, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

So..37 Windows Updates later...

Not to mentiion the 17 critical updates for the Norton Anti-virus program. I only did those because I get it gratis for 60 days.

And this thing came loaded with XP SP2 for the love of god.Windows has issues..yes? Not to mention..again..all the bells and whistles that you need to download with Firefox. I mean, they have them, might as well use them right? Then there is my favorite 3-D aquarium screensaver,its so real the cats go nuts. Then there is ITunes and music cd's to upload into ITunes..also, locating all the buttons and gadgets on this thing required reading the manual..god, I hate reading manuals. I still have to backup the system..HP is weird like that..they don't give you the recovery discs.with the drivers and things..bastards.

I still can't find my CD of Microsoft Office..this sucks big time. Thats a huge download in itself.

My back is killing me, I see my new orthopeodic doc friday,we get to start all over since the first asshat blew it. I haven't been able to utilize the physical therapy option,thanks to asshat doc numero uno, and I am blaming the current pain on that.

The Padres have taken the first two games against those hated Dodgers. That makes five straight,which I like to remind the ball n' chain every chance I got tonight. We actually watched the game in the same room, his team vs. my team. He did tell me to stfu twice towards the end of the game when I was silently dancing in my seat. The Padres are now one game out of first...again. I won't be counting my chickens before they win..believe me. But, I do so love beating the fucking Dodgers :)

OOHHHHH Ben fucked up dude. I mean, come on..the wind in your hair out in the country is nice dude..but in the city...a brain bucket is smart. In an Auto vs. motorcycle showdown..the auto ALWAYS wins. All those pesky, painful head injuries and missing teeth could of been avoided with the wearing of the helmet. I guess if you had gotten your motorcycle license you might of went through that part of the course..all that money and you still are a few brain cells shy of a full gourd. Sucks to be you dude.

4 people gave us their .02 cents:

lecram sinun said...

Yeah, I've spent (and taken my sweet) time setting up my new machine... it's a beauty now, eh?

Leslie said...

New computers can be such hassles, but when you've finally got everything just how you want it, isn't it worth it?

I'm do glad to be back reading your blog!

The Stiltwalker said...

ben, ben, ben. yea that has got to be the stupidest act of the year. not to say so but you kinda deserved that one.

dusty said...

Marcel..I take nothing slow..

Leslie..good to have you back!

Stilt..the man might be a highly paid QB but he has the IQ of a dandelion.