Tuesday, June 20, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Mark Cuban..I love you man!

Poor Mark got another fine from the NBA...for mouthing off after game 5 in Miami. Its $250 large.its not small potatotes..

But Mark is used to these type of things..he leads the NBA in fines..he holds the record for 4 out of the 5 top fines in the league I think. He speaks his mind and he loves his team. He lives and breathes it..its not just an investment for Cuban. He's at every game, right there..rooting his team on..taking the flack and being the biggest friggin cheerleader you have ever seen. He doesn't just write the checks..he exercises restraint in signing free-agents, he keeps the payroll within the stratosphere unlike some teams that are sitting at home watching the Finals.

Thats why he rocks...seriously. His team has lost 3 straight games in the finals to Pat Riley's Miami Heat. But as this article at SI says..the Mav's have to move past the three straight losses and play their ass's off tonight. They have some short comings and as anyone that loves round ball knows...Shaq is a fucking big-ass pain to defend and stop.

I love Riles..I have since the Lakers heydey when he was at the helm..I haven't cared for the Lakers since.But I have mixed feelings about who I want to win this year. Its not cut and dried with me.. I love Cuban's passion and I love Rileys history. I would also like to see Shaq's current team do what the Lakers haven't been able to since Kobe became "da man" in place of Shaq...win the Championship.

So, with nothing on the line..I want a great series..that goes all the way to game 7. Lets rock and roll. :)

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Bruce said...

Have you ever read Cuban's blog? If not, here's the url:

The guy's a hoot..

dusty said...

He has two blogs actually and yes I have read that one as well.

S. R. said...

I was rooting for the Mavs. I don't know much about professional basketball but i do remember when Dallas was the worst team in the league. Unfortunately, they came up a little short this year.

dusty said...

I didn't care, but I do feel bad for the Mav's.

Its so hard to contain a "Shaq" that is on top of his game. He defys defenses.

S. R. said...

Yes, but he is quite annoying.

I saw one of his goofy commercials during the Finals. I said to my buddy, "I can't wait until he retires."

My buddy responded, "I can't wait until he is dead."


Kurt said...

i live in dallas. i love cuban's passion. i love nellie's mavs (as in Don Nelson) and avery's coaching.
but i DO love shaq, too. the man is a hoot who understands his role as celebrity. he doesn't take himself too seriously and is willing to be the butt of a joke. he plays with the guys from one of the sports talk stations here everytime he comes to town.
congrats to the Heat and THANKS mavs for a great season of entertainment.

dusty said...

I agree w/Kurt..Shaq understands his place in the world of the celebrity. He plays goofy knowing that it works. He is humble to a point, which is unusual in bball.
i ALWAYS appreiciated Nellie.

The Stiltwalker said...

if the game interferes with Big Brother then oh well, no bball for me tonite.

dusty said...

Stilt..it was finished last night..the Heat won it all..

So you get your Big Brotha.. :p

FantasticAlice said...

I just don't know enough about the game... in fact (don't flog me Dusty) I had never heard of the guy till today.

Seamus said...

Costly mouthing, but I suppose he can afford to speak his mind!!!!
Hey? Did you watch the Frontline (PBS) piece on cheney/rumsfeld the other night? How can people not "get it"?