Monday, May 30, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

My Summer Vacation..

The promoter for the event! I love this logo..
We left early for the coast..we couldnt wait to get on the road..keep in mind that 75% of the trip was on little one lane roads..well one lane on each side..and a shitload of trucks, motorhomes and just general slow-assed drivers stood between us and the coast.

My son begged me to let him drive..he knows how i get when traffic gets my blood pressure up..i said no of course..poor guy white knuckled it all the way there..for some reason he figured we would end up as a hood ornament for a large semi..silly boy..I know how to pass fifteen cars at one sweat..

We made it in a little over two hours..not bad considering the traffic. We arrived at the motel..a motel the only reason we were staying at a motel 6 was because i waited too late to make a reservation at a decent place..oh well no big was only one nite..
It did turn out to be a big deal however..the witch at the front desk said no rooms were ready..come back in a couple hours..Wrong! I had somewhere to be in twenty minutes..we drove over t0 the concert venue and found out that once inside you couldnt we drove back over to the motel and found there were suddenly plenty of rooms available and the line was out the i stood in line for 45 minutes to get our friggin room. We got to the venue two hours late and missed half the acts..we caught the Fabulous Thunderbirds and Robert Cray....oh well thats who i really wanted to see anyways..

My car has "handicapped" plates on it..we refer to them as "sick,lame or lazy" husband put them on, he's the sick lame or lazy one in our house..I usually do not use them since they arent assigned to me..but on this day..the guy at the gate saw them and immediately said..oh hey we got a spot for ya up here by the entrance to the venue..i was NOT about to turn it down and have to walk 20 minutes uphill and miss more that part was nice..

So we entered the venue..great outdoor natural amphitheater on a golf course..I had reserved seating..the "golden circle" son paid for General we split up and made sure our cell phones had signals..i had a center seat in the FOURTH ROW! fucking awesome eh? I noticed that most of the folks sitting around me were of the same age group and older...guess just us old fuckers want to be comfortable..fine w/me! The place had a full bar and was serving bbq ribs, chicken and a bunch of stuff..i didnt eat. The bar was kinda pricey..mixed well drinks were 5 bucks a pop..and in teeny weeny fucking plastic i said fuck it..we were in "wine country" central cali so I did what most of the people were doing in the "golden circle", i got a bottle of chardonnay and a bucket of ice..they didnt want to give me the bucket of ice..they said " doesnt come w/a bucket of ice ma'am"..i said the 4 pack of Corona's does..i want the same treatment and if needed I will pay extra for the bucket..the chick had a pained expression on her face..she said..well, we arent supposed to do that..i was ready to buy the four fucking corona's AND the bottle of wine when she suggested an empty corona case full of ice at no charge..FABULOUS! I said..i went back to my seat happy as a clam...

The lady sitting next to me immediately asked how I commandeered a box of ice..i told her i just asked..she said.."shit, my husband wont be that bright how much you want to bet?"....i said i aint taking that bet i got one of those kind at home myself..i offered free space in the corona case to her if her husband returned ice-less..which he did of course..they were all friendly after that and it made for a nicer afternoon for moi..having someone to talk to between groups and shit..they offered me some of their veggies and peanut butter..i said no thanks dont want to ruin my buzz..
The Fab T-Birds were awesome as was Robert was a very enjoyable afternoon inspite of all the old broads dancing at the front of the stage..nothing worse than a drunk geriatric bunch trying to relive their youth..oh well, they were having fun, i would of just thrown out my back so I didnt join in...i called my son a couple times to make sure he was enjoying himself and not under arrest for something obsure like telling a cop to go fuck himself..he was fine and had found a nice group to party with..i am sure the expensive bag of medicinal grade pot he was carrying helped him find his new best friends..When it ended it was very nice to only have to walk five minutes to the car and be out on the road..made it back to our room and the Nascar race was still on..watched that and had a nice convo w/the kid..he was very happy we had done the road trip together and wants to make it a yearly event for us..i agreed but next time we get a room early at a nicer place and make an entire weekend out of it..We enjoyed each others company more than we have in was great to laugh and joke with him...we never spend any time together of us is always busy or going somewhere..he liked it so much he wants to go over to the coast once a month together..made me feel warm and the old days when he was a kid and it was just him and I against the world...I brought up the subject of him "getting out on his own" and he actually said he was comtemplating it lately himself..AWESOME...i cant wait for that to happen..he needs to find out what its like in the real world.. :)So there it essay on my summer vacation..wasnt much but it was fun..which in the end is all that counts..hope everyone had a good weekend as well

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Rat In A Cage said...


Jenn said...

Aww, I'm glad you guys had such a great time!

I don't want my baby to grow up, but when he does, I pray that we do something like that together. Even if it's just once! You don't really hear of kids and their parents doing awesome stuff like that together much. Holiday's and such and that's it.

By the way, how old is your son, if you don't mind my asking?

Motel 6's really aren't THAT bad. I don't think so, anyway.

dusty said...

my son is 25 Jenn..going on 12 most of the time..

John Q. Public esq. said...

good for you!


Rat In A Cage said...

By the way the PIG logo is cool.

daisyduke said...

sounds like a good time was had by all...makes the rest a bit easier to tolerate, no?