Friday, December 30, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

The Year that was..

The year..what a year it has been for me. and for the country as a whole.

I started bloggin in 05..I left the chat rooms and found more intelligent life and "friends" in Blogs like Jenn, Alice , Daisy, John Q. Public, dear sweet Kate and ALL those folks listed over in my sidebar..It became a political outlet as well, waking me up to what I had lost many years ago, my right to dissent against an oppressive government that does not represent ALL its citizens the same. I became politically active again and now have a life outside this box called the Internet. My newfound "politicalness" has given me an outlet that I have craved since moving to this hell-hole known as Bakersfield. I go to city counsel and board of supervisors meetings, standing up and speaking my mind to a bunch of ol codgers with their own agendas. I helped organize a political event that made the evening news, and I saw my mug on three of the four local TV stations plus the local newspaper reading the names of the Californians killed in Iraq. I have made local contacts and acquaintances with others that believe as I do here in this Republican stronghold known as the San Joaquin Valley. I am an active member of and the Democractic party(I am registered Independant)...all because I started blogging. Funny how things work out ain't it? Karen Zipdrive's blog , a funny, intelligent, irreverant Texan was the one that woke me up politically and I love her and read her blog(daily if not hourly sometimes) and forever will be in her debt for putting a foot in my ass and getting me pissed off enough to do something other than bitch about our government.

Enough about on to the shit that changed and/or affected America:

Katrina and its devastation. The governments lack of response to an area that is mostly poor and black. The Tsunami and its massive effects on whole countries, towns and populations.

The war in Iraq. Over 2100 Americans have been killed and tens of thousands of Iraqi's have died as well. There is no light at the end of this tunnel yet..but the left continues to fight against Bush's tyrannical evilness in a war that smells more and more like Vietnam.

Speaking of Bush...his "lil friend" and Cheney's main man Scooter Libby was the first among hopefully many indicted by Fitzpatrick for lying about Plame-gate. Going after a man's wife when he pisses you off is so screwed up. Tom DeLay, Jack Abramoff, Bill Frist,and too many others to mention that are in trouble for lying, cheating and generally screwing with the public trust known as government. Stay tuned folks.. this mess is far from over and should only get better in the coming new year.

FEMA's main main Michael Brown is finally exposed for what he is: a rich kid that cant find his ass with both hands, but he sure wants to look good on TV...and he worries about his dog WAY too much to the detrement of all the dying and suffering people in New Orleans.

Enron, Tyco, Worldcom and countless other executives finally get busted, charged and tried in our courts for syphoning off millions of dollars for their own personal greed.

The world of sports, my favorite world btw... had its share of newsworthy items: steroids, T.O., the NHL took the YEAR off, the Yanks DID NOT win their 27th World Series but the Chicago Whitesox did win their second since 1917,and finally..the worst..MY Padres won their division with a winning record that was one game over .500... they were promptly sent to the showers in 4 straight by Bruces ( whom I love with a passion like no one else in this world cept my son)Cardinals who also didnt win a World Series either.. god knows why the Cards didnt win a ring maybe... but I sure has hell dont.

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IT-Chick said...

my goodness. when you have something to say, you sure know how to say it.

run for office damn it

Bruce said...

Sure, you say that now... :p

dusty said...

o please..i am too fond of the f-bomb to hold public tends to offend alot of people :P

dusty said...

Bruce knows of which he speaks lol.

Sky Captain said...

Amen! Hey Dusty, I'm crushed I'm not mentioned on the side bar... me being the hapless publicity Whore that I am... Love... Sky Captain

Anonymous said...

it was a real hoot...

The Zombieslayer said...

Wow, you've been blogging for a year. Got me beat by five months.

I'm not going to defend Bush. I know I'm supposed to be a Right-winger, but I can't stand the guy either, but it's more from a Right-wing perspective.

The guy has sent spending through the roof. He makes Clinton look like Reagan. He has no respect for the Constitution. He likes illegals more than American citizens. All his people seem that they got the job out of cronyism instead of ability. I could go on and on but I won't.

As for sports, well, at least UT beat USC. My Packers looked horrible. It was painful to watch my beloved. Ouchie! I'm hurt.

Let's get a third party candidate in there, Dusty. I'm sick of the republicrats. They all suck.