Thursday, December 22, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor


I am not in a good mood..i just found out the new hire is refusing to work this week..her first week alone I might add..this bitch is on my last nerve already..I gave her one friggin store and she cant do it..meanwhile I will be working fri, sat AND...drum roll please..XMAS fucking day..

oh yeah..and the ball and chain had the nads to ask "how you gonna make xmas dinner honey?"

My response..get a tv dinner and a beer dipshit..when i get home from work on xmas I plan on getting drunk..course i wont but I can still plan it right?

I can see it scrooge mcduck ass walking around supermarkets on xmas day..mumbling incoherently to myself and glaring at anyone that has the balls to say merry christmas to me.

I wish I still owned my glock..i would clean it and practice shooting the eyes out of my george bush picture that I usually throw darts at. Then I can sit outside the new hires house and blind the bitch when she leaves to go to her other job on monday morning...then drive up to San Jose and do the same for my boss. By then there will be a state wide alert for me and I will end up doing time with some mean ass females that dont appreciate my sarcastic side..

maybe getting toasted is a better idea..i can then make life miserable for the ball and chain all evening..wait..i do that already..ok..i could just get drunk and listen to old rock cds real, gnr,aerosmith..make the windows vibrate..

hell i will be so tired I will just go to sleep..who am i kidding..

enjoy your weekend folks..kiss your loved ones and thank god your not moi.

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IT-Chick said...

Sorry you have to work. I does suck moose balls. NO. It sucks SWEATY moose balls. Have Christmas dinner brought in.. can ya do that there? They do that here... Not tooo expensive, if the ball-n-chain complains, tell him HE wanted dinner right?

Glad Im yer favorite Christian. the cocktails (2) were nice. wimpy as I am a wimp. (epilepsy meds)

I might name it the "horny orange"

see ya'

JimBob said...

I feel for ya dusty. I'll be thinkin' of ya on xmas day.

I'm dealin' with a problem new hire myself where I work. But in the gov't, it's much easier to get rid of new hires if they're recognized as problems early on (within a year).

btw, ball and chain has two hands, right? He can cook!

Merry xmas!

Bruce said...
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Joel said...

Before you go on a crime spree, come on down here to Orange so I can check you into a nice psych ward with an ocean view? Hate to see you have to stop blogging because of a silly old string of murder convictions.

brianna said...

you have accurately described how i feel almost every day. luckily for the general public, i just sold my 40-cal. there is one good part of being married-- the ability to torture someone else on a daily basis knowing that they can do nothing about it. the new hire sounds like a bitch. fire the bitch!