Friday, December 02, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

Indy still unbeaten..the pricks. Big Joe Thornton changes teams and hits the ground running.

Will those guys ever lose this year? Its those assinine commercials that Peyton is doing..I swear to god it is..I look forward to them in a sick sort of way. I still hold a grudge for Irsay..the owner that spirited them out of Baltimore in the middle of the night. I was living in Maryland at the was a travesty I tell ya..The Bengals are still in first and have a better record that the Patriots..who would of thunk it? Not moi..

One of the most promising hockey playas out there is now a San Jose Shark. I dont really know how that happened but good for them..we got one of the best on the left coast now..heh heh..I love Barry Melrose and he can lay in bed and talk hockey to me any day.

The playoffs will begin shortly in Fantasy Football. I will participate but with McNabb out..I am toast..oh.. and T.O. fucked me and didnt kiss me first either. I have a love/hate thang w/Owens. I know what a felony dumb sumbitch he is..but the man is one of the best at his positions..hopefully his dumb ass learned something from this mess of his creation this season. I love a team that tells a primmadonna to fuck off and go home, more of them should do it.Same with our elected officials..they need to purchase instead of renting those balls they flash occasionally. Stand up and be counted gents. Dont just follow the leader all the damn time.

The Padres did something right in the off-season by resigning Brian Giles..Trevor might leave but I have already accepted that fact. Spring Training starts in...oh hell, its too far out there to even think about it. Yankee$ raised prices on their choice seats..someone has to pay for all that high-priced talent that couldnt get it together this year. I was glad the ChiSox won the World, thats not a typo..its damn serious to baseball fans such as I.

Tony Stewart, a hoosier native won the Brickyard AND the Nascar Championship. I adore that man and yes I love stockcar racing. If you have ever driven a car faster than 150 MPH you understand why it takes your breath away. I pick that number because I have and it gives me a rush I cant explain.

And finally..those fucktards in Congress are waisting our tax money and their time by investigating The BCS, College Footballs Championship Series..jesus christ in a thong, do something important you assholes and get our troops out of Iraq.

Thats all I got, time for my meds..Have a good weekend ya'all..

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The Zombieslayer said...

I really do not want to see them go unbeaten. I was hoping the Bengals would do the job. Now, it's starting to get scary. Maybe of all ironies, it will be the Bears who beat them in the Super Bowl. A strange day when The Zombieslayer roots for da Bears.

Sky Captain said...

thanks for listening Dusty... Tell us what you think of the show, at and the show will get better were still in the infant stage. and yes you will still be able to hear me read my blog soon, and again thanks for listening. Sky Captain, A.K.A. (Craven)

Sky Captain said...

Oh yeah, and we update every Saturday, show #3 is now online...

Joel said...

Let's do the Chomp together! Go Sharks!

dusty said...

Joel..i would like to see the Sharks would make my day..or season actually.

FantasticAlice said...

Send me some meds would ya?

I miss my nascar... personally, I am a Sterling Marlin #40 fan. Have been since he was in the Kodak car. Thank god it is one of the longer running sports out there.

Bruce said...

I live in the middle of NASCAR country, literally 90 miles from Martinsville, and just cannot get into it.

waits for the pummeling

Chick said...

Go Peyton go...I want them to knock the old timer Dolphins off the unbeaten path.

Damn, are quite the sports fan...ain'tcha?

I haven't tried my hand at fantasy football yet...does it do it for you as much as fantasy baseball?...I went freakoid obsessive over that last season...Giles was my RFer...he was good for my team (he didn't sit on my bench for that long...if you know what I

I'm glad The White Sox one too...I loved their style of small ball...all that bunting & base stealing was good for my soul...more teams should pay attention to the little details of BB...'stead of trying to make the big plays all the time.

Got any extra meds for me?