Saturday, December 10, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

I hate December.

It signals the end of the year, its fucking cold and the sun disappears for days at a time,its also the silly season with plenty of crowds at all my favorite shopping haunts. I hate Christmas Carols.except for the one by Bruce Springsteen.

oh yeah..its also the month my drivers license says I should celebrate getting another year older.

Screw that shit..I spit on age and what it means.

December means I will drive myself crazier than usual over not being able to locate something that I use daily or why various parts of my body quit working correctly or without pain. It means a cold front or rain will make me hurt somewhere.

It means whatever I dont like about my body or mind I blame on getting another year older.

December means seeing Mommy Dearest in San Diego. She makes her yearly trip from Missouri for three friggin months to make all our lives a living hell..but I only have to experience her for a weekend or two..thank god.

December means baseballs spring training is only 67 days 9 hours 19 mins and 27 seconds away. Thats a long fucking time dont ya know..

2 people gave us their .02 cents:

HMT said...

I'm in San Diego, as your mom.

also.. check out the band Raunchy's cover of "last christmas" by wham..

you can add one more "carol" to your like-list.

dusty said...

Mommie Dearest isn't there yet...the wicked witch doesnt land until tuesday HMT..but I do love SD and I will try to check out the tune you mentioned..thanks sweetie :)