Tuesday, December 20, 2005 | By: Dusty Taylor

It was a family affair..

Not all were in attendance..my son was stuck housesitting my zillion pets and my brother and his brood just moved to Colorado...but other than that they were all there..for sometimes minutes only..but I saw them all..

and no one got bitchslapped, shot or humiliated...wow wee..

some of us got a tad lit..i must say that at the onset of this piece..and I was among that group of people.

Mommie Dearest was subdued..this is good news btw.

My dad and the ball and chain amuzed each other w/war stories and general bullshit.

Kass, the glorified YSFH(yuppie sista from hell) was a wonderful host and for once didnt ask me to serve, do the dishes or clean up for her. I was shocked. Thankful too. I would of hated to be the one that started some shit with all those "friends" of the family in attendance too.It could of gotten around town or to several places of employement.

My middle sista got a make over and it was great and uplifting for her, which makes me glad. Shes a sweet person that never pays attention to her looks and she is pretty.

My baby sista had her newest beau in tow, whom I think is a great guy and all around sweetheart. SHe has already found something to bitch about regarding him or his personality. she always does dammit...they dont last long with her :( The woman needs to familiarize herself with the art of compromise. Its part of life at every level..this is something it took me a very long time to learn..color me slow.

My niece was home from the army..she just passed basic training. this is the same neice that just got a degree in Criminlogy at Sam Houston State. She wouldnt take her fatigues off..i kid you not..shes so gun ho..its scarey..but if it makes her happy...They will pay for her Masters she says..and she really wants that.

But I did enjoy seeing them all..and some of our common friends too.

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Jenn said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it and noone was shot.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Dusty. XOXOX

An80sNut said...

I'm pretty happy my family doesn't really get lit around each other. Half would drive off to the nearest strip club while the others would be involved in a cat-fight. It's tough to keep is pacific when they are sober.

IT-Chick said...

But THE question is did they like the new grille?

Chick said...

Ain't family grande? I love sisters...LOVE THEM...I have a bitchy one AND one who does nothing for herself...ever...too...love 'em both and am annoyed by both constantly too.

Dayum...Damon as a yank...I'm still in hateful shock.

JimBob said...

god, i hate family get-togethers.

and guess who's in town right now? the in-laws. *ugh*

dusty - you know i'm old army and still workin' it, so if you ever need any inside info to help yer niece, lemme know and i'll see wut i kin do.

dusty said...

I love you Jimbob..thanks sweetie :)

Happy Holidays to you also my dearest Jenn!

Happy Holidays to all of you freaks that look at this rag :)

Joel said...

Merry Crispness!

I was at my mother's on Sunday. When I told her that I had the flu, she was all too eager to show me the door.

Good to have a sickness now and then.