Saturday, October 14, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Steve Psycho Lyons fired from Fox sports

Damn said what? But its all about Political Correctness evidently over at Fox Sports. Unlike the "news" dept..but we won't go there.

I liked Psycho when he co-anchored the original FSN verson of SportsCenter. It wasn't his first offense at being offensive on the air apparently, he has practice.

Oh fucking well. Sorry your leaving dude..take care.

Tigers in the World Serious. Cool. Congrats to Jimmy Leyland and the boyz..

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Bruce said...

Frankly, I always thought Lyons was a putz, but that's just me.
The Tigers getting to the WS is true karma. I've always liked Leyland, despite the fact that he's La Russa's best friend, and Placido Polanco, a former Card, was named LCS MVP; not to mention my boy Inge. No matter who they play, it'll be a great Series.

jagular said...

I don't get why they fired him for pointing out that the guy was "habla-ing espanol".
What's so wrong with that? Was he habla-ing something else, or what?

dusty said...

It was also when he said his wallet was missing jag..

dusty said...

Lyons IS a putz B..but he wasn't bad when he was on FSN sportscenter wanna-be.

I am very happy about the Tigers..congrats on the Mets playing like shit B ;p

black dog said...

This country is too worried about hurting peoples feelings all the time the guy was joking around. Dave Chapelle told Lou Dobbs to "lay off them mexicans," and nobody got mad, Anderson Cooper didnt get fired everybody thought it was hilarious yet I was slightly offended.

black dog said...

p.s. hooray for Detroit the NYM suck balls.

dusty said...

Yeah, I like the Tigers..the biggest underdogs of the entire playoffs john :)