Saturday, October 07, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Dodgers OUT...Pads still hanging on by a thread.

The fact stated above makes me happy. Very happy, because even if the Pads get tossed tomorrow, the Dodgers went out before us..

Hey, I need something to hang onto.

With the pitchers going tomorrow..I can only hope and pray. Woodie is an old man...Carpenter is last years Cy Young winner..doesn't bode well for my Pads..but you know what?

I still love the game. And I still love my Pads.specially since they lasted longer than the Dodgers :)

I love that Detroit is in the next round. God love em and Jim Leyland, I know I do. The A's and the Tigers..wotta matchup! Come on kids..rejoice muthafuckas!

Kenny Rogers is da man. Seriously, I have had his measly ass in all my fantasy leagues for the past two years. He is almost as old as Roger the Rocket Clemens(41 as opposed to 42)..but unlike Roger, he is still playing and not getting a Tee time for his golf game. Kenny has spunk as witnessed by his assault of a photog last season. Not that I condone such behavior..just saying..

God damn, I love this game! and screw you that don't. Well, not really, but you know what I am saying I hope. Life is more than paying the mortgage and credit card bills..its about the wide world of sports too..

among other things..

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Bruce said...

You know I'm both jumping for joy over the Tigers and my boy Brandon Inge(He's from here, ya know; and his mom used to play softball for me), while at the same time, feeling a bit of trepidation about tonite's game. I do not want it to go back to SD and have everything relying on Jeff Weaver.

dusty said...

I know Brandon is from your neck of the woods B, and yes I thought about you when he would come up to bat. You guys will most likely win today..but like I least we won ONE GAME..the Dodgers were swept :)