Wednesday, October 18, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Cards got 1 to go..

So, the Cards need only 1 win to get into the World Series. The last two games will be played at Shea, but even this seems unlikely to help the Mets at this point. Jeff Weaver, the winner of last nights game, has pulled a Derrick Lowe-type of post-season out of his ass. Lowe had a horrible regular season the year the BoSox won it all, but he was the savior for them in the playoffs..Weaver reminds me of Lowe at this point.

I am rooting for the Tigers I don't care who wins the NLCS. Jim Leyritz, come on down old man..I hope you get the ring. With all that time off between the ALCS and this weekends start of the World Series..I hope your pitchers are well rested.

Steve "Psycho" Lyons won't lose his part-time gig with the Dodgers and Sweet Lou Pinella has stuck up for him both in print and on the air, with regard to the tacky and supposed racist statement/joke he made on national tv during the ALCS.

Speaking of "Sweet" Lou Pinella, he is now the proud manager of those shitty Chicago Cubs. Lou has very little patience and one would think managing the Cubbies will try all the patience he has..Good Luck Lou..your gonna need it, along with some tranquilizers..

Koren Robinson, WR for the Packers and world-reknown drunk has gotta a year off....without pay from the NLF. He plead guilty to charges of drunken driving and fleeing police stemming from a high-speed chase in August. This wasn't Koren's first brush with the law whilst drunk...nor his second. Koren had this to say after the NFL told him to sober up for a year: "I am disappointed".

No shit is Green Bay. You screwed up with Seattle and Minnesota as their star get a third shot and what do you do? You get hammered and played high-speed chase with the cops again..some folks are felony dumb..I am looking at you Koren. Hope you saved some of the major league dough you have made..a year is a long time to go without a paycheck.

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S. R. said...

Tacky is right. This isn't beer drinking time at Amestoy's.

Can anyone save the Cubs? They got a long way to go.

Kurt said...

hey dusty! sorry, but i haven't had a lunch to browse blogs in forever!
Nominally a Rangers fan, hoping for the Yanks to get it done, I am now on the Tigers bandwagon as well. Pudge and KRogers are alums, of course.
But the best thing is the way they play. I love small ball and am glad to see Leyland and Drombrowski realize that their big new park is tailor made for teams with speed and gap hitters. I wish they would put the fences back to the original design and bring back the triple!
Hope all is well and your back isn't too bad.

Seamus said...

Back and blog crusin'!

dusty said...

Hey SR! Tacky is but a word m'dear :)

Kurt, so good to see you, I thought you dropped off the face of the earth. Ithought of you when Rogers won those games for Detroit in the playoffs :)

S. R. said...

I didn't mean you were tacky Dusty. Lyons acted like he was drinking beer with his buddies instead of in front of tens of millions of people.

dusty said...

S.R. I know you didn't mean me. But Lyons is known by his nickname of "Psycho"..for a reason. He once pulled his uniform pants down to his ankles while playing a game..this man isn't normal..and they knew that when they hired him..he is outrageous..always.

dusty said...

Seamus!! Welcome back my left coast buddy :)

Seamus said...

I love these 7 game playoffs!!! Kindda ho-hum if it's a sweep!