Sunday, October 29, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Hey Red, you were one of a kind.

Red Auerbach passed away Saturday..he was 89. If you are a Boston Celtic also were a Red fan. Red and his big-ass cigar that was always hanging out of his piehole. He lead the Celt's to 16, count em, 16 Championships as either their Coach or GM. He signed such talent as Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Bill Russell. His Celts won 8 straight titles at one point.

When I lived in Boston ,I loved going to the Garden. When they tore down the original Boston Garden I shed a tear and raised a glass to the first place I ever attended an NBA game. Red was still employed by the Celtics, as their President, when he died.

I will toast him of the great old men of round ball.

Congrats to the St. Louis Cards and their fans. I was compelled to put that in. LaRussa finally pulled it off.

I have been trying to post on Blogger since Sat. Morning..bitch is sure fickle lately.

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Al Swearengen said...

Thanks for posting this dusty - - - I had a sad Saturday night. Put together a collage:

Had a few early memories of games at the garden - - - had season tickets a few years ago before we moved out to w. mass

Love the Celtics - - -

dusty said...

I saw your collage gave me goosebumps..Red was one of a kind..and his energy and love of the game will be missed.