Wednesday, October 18, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Game 7 tomorrow night!

It's always fine with me to have a series go 7 games. Now, I just want a good final game. If the Cards win, good for them..and for B. B is a pessimistic Cards fan. First, he had the audacity to say my Padres would beat him. I went along with it...what the hell.

Then he said the Cards would win 1 game in this final series before the World Series. You know, I think he was probably sandbagging. Damn, I hate sandbaggers. But the Mets did their best pitcher tonight..last years Cy Young winner Chris Carpenter. Sorry for the loss B, but he can't win them all.

I am still rooting for the Tigers in the World, its not a typo..not for a manic like moi.

Then I have Football and roundball is starting up. I will be semi-lost until spring training. But sports are sports..I hooked up my wireless router tonight. I can haul the laptop all over the house now. Good stuff for a computer addict. It also means I can sit in the living room and talk to the ball and chain whilst being online. Nirvana some might call it. I just call it giving him some quality time..LOL..

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