Monday, July 24, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

This is where I am for the next three days..

I know..sunday I was in Fresno for the Crosby,Stills,Nash and Young concert..

Today, Monday...I am in Vegas! Amazing how quickly that happens ya know :) It's our anniversary, and god forbid the ball and chain doesn't get to celebrate it in Vegas. Usually I take in a couple of concerts, but I just plan to relax and enjoy the unlimited Air Conditioning..can I get an amen brotha's and sistas? I will of course drink copious amounts of Grey Goose and soda, with two limes, for gratis..well, not completely free. I do have to drop a few bucks in the bar's poker machine..and watch ANY baseball game of my choice. You see, we know all the bartenders here, and since they understand and appreciate my love of sports, I am pretty spoiled here. Plus the ball and chains buddies are over here for their summer solstice thingy and they keep him off my back and busy. His buddies, for the most part, are the local college coaches in Bakersfrigginfield, and I can hold my own with these guys when talking sports. review of the CSN&Y concert last night:

It was friggin AWESOME! They played over three hours. They also played most of Neil Youngs new "Living with War" and all of their oldies but righteous goodies. Sadly, their oldies are just as timely today as when I saw them 30+ years ago. David Crosby's voice was its old sweet self, they all played guitars and seemed to enjoy each others company with friendly banter inbetween songs. Chicago, Ohio, Immigration Man were just a good as when I heard them many moons ago. The visuals that accompanied the songs were great. I got very choked up when they did Ohio and a few others. The audience was mostly folks in my age group, but there were young-uns as well. The sing-along portions were very well received by the audience and the group, we all knew the words and sung our hearts out. When Neils song: IMPEACH the Prez was played, the background movie was a wonderful indictment of our asshat-in-chief and the words were flashed on a giant screen so we could all sing along..which we did with zeal. They dedicated Immigration Man to our governator Ahnold.

Now, I must admit..I had awesome seats..but I did have a problem with the two young ladies that sat directly behind me. Evidently they came to the concert, not to listen to music, but to talk loudly, text message some asshat and laugh about it during the course of the first half of the concert. During the acoustic sets it was hard to hear with the bitches behind me cackling and distracting everyone around them. I finally got tired of it when the second set started. I did the following:

I turned around and glared at them when they started their little text messaging extravaganza. They shut up for all of one song. When they started up again..I stood up, turned around and asked them to either stfu or move. They asked me who the hell I thought I was. I told them:

I am a woman that paid 70 bucks to listen to some good music, not them playing fuck-around and being rude to the rest of us by being loud and obnoxious. One of them said and I quote:

"Sit down and shut up lady."

I did not take this well...not well at all. I wasn't nice in my response either. I put my best evil look on and in my best evil voice I said:


At this point, most of the folks around us gave me a nice little ovation and a "atta girl". Once the rude bitches realized the crowd was behind me..they sunk down into their seats, apologized and shut up for the rest of the concert.

Which is a good thing..cuz there is no way I could of done shit to them. I am old, broken down and although I might of gotten in a couple of goodies, my tired ass would of been toast if they knew anything about defending themselves. I was betting that these little valley girls had never "mixed it up" with anyone in their entire lives..and I guess I was right. Plus I outweighed one by at least 50 lbs. punch would of put her lights out methinks..

Anyways..I gotta go have a couple of drinks and be scociable. Have a good evening..if I hit it big I will let ya know :p

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abi said...

I'm glad to hear CST&Y played well. I heard them on TV few years ago and they were terrible. Couldn't pull off those lovely harmonies of old. I'm glad they're back in good form.

lecram sinun said...

Glad you had and are having a good time. Mega Kudos on threatening the 2 yakkity pinheads behind you!

csny fan said...

Little girls and their self absorbed boy dramas are tiresome at any time, but at a concert it's even more annoying. They were probably hoping to meet some cool guys or something and wanted to attract attention.

Good for you shutting them down. I'm sure some fisticuffs would have still resulted in getting them booted too, so the nearby audience would have been pleased either way. But the peaceful solution is always better.

The Stiltwalker said...

so why didn't I get an invite?

sumo said...'re so lucky that you got to go...I wanted to but Mr. Sumo said he didn't want to drive 2 hours to get there. Last concert we went to was Bob Dylan and it too was awesome. I would have lost it sooner with the girls...I've a very short fuse with bad manners.

Helen the Felon said...

Note to self: Do not fuck with Dusty, no matter how jealous of her CSNY tickets you are.