Tuesday, July 11, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Pink Floyd's founding Nutjob Syd Barrett passes.

In my youth, I saw every single tour Pink Floyd did for over 20 years. I have seen them in 8 states...hey, I moved alot. Now word comes that crazy Syd, the founding member of PF has gone to that big recording studio in the sky..

sad..but hey..at least Syd has alot of good company up there. The write up by the BBC is here.

Syd died of complications of diabetes..jesus, don't these guys take care of themselves? Johnny Cash passed on for the same reason. Bye Syd, you crazy diamond.

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john said...

What would the world be like without a Pink Floyd? How will we break through our walls or even see over them?

dusty said...

Their music said alot during their heydays..and it is still true today John.

you make a blog yet dude?

lecram sinun said...

I was just watching the "classic rock albums" dvd on "dark side..." just this weekend. Yeah, poor syd was schizo to begin with... which was not neccessarily a bad thing.

John said...

Hi Dusty - I haven't made my blog yet, but I still plan on it. It seems as if the most creative people are a little unstable, they make more associations between seemingly unrelated ideas, than normal people do. They also tend to self-destruct under pressure (being on the road, drugs, alky) a lot faster than normal people. They also tend to self-medicate a lot more than we normals. -John

dusty said...

I would say that assessment is a little over the top John. The reasons people blog are as diverse as the number of snowflakes in a storm. If you hit the "next blog" button on the right corner of each blog, you can randomly view blogs from all over the place. It's amazing what motivates people to write on a blog.

Anonymous said...

Syd wasn't crazy or a druggie or an alkie. He suffered from a condition known as Asperger Syndrome, which leaves a person of normal intelligent unable to maintain social relationships.

His drug use probably unlocked his creativity, which is not uncommon, but at the same time provided a social lubricant which, at first, would have given him a normal, socially-integrated appearance. Sadly, it would quickly have failed him as his world suddenly exploded.

Losing touch due to sudden fame is neither uncommon, but with someone who spends the first twenty years of their life out of touch with humanity, the experience of having the world rush in all at once can, as lived out in the life of Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett, be completely disastrous.

Asperger Syndrome was diagnosed by Hans Asperger, an Austrian doctor, in 1944. For obvious reasons, his scientific research took time to make its way from Nazi science journals to Amer-Anglo medical circles.

Sadly, it was much too late for Syd and others like him, but other people who are suspected of having been affected by Asperger Syndrome, this Col. Dr. included, have been able to find remarkable success in life despite the socio-cognitive handicap of the disorder.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I meant to say, Dusty, that you should hear the Fred Eaglesmith song "Dusty."

It's SO awesome.

The Stiltwalker said...

I've got a friend who is obsessed with Floyd. He called me and was all sad and shit. WTF?