Saturday, July 08, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

Ok..its almost Half-time for Baseball..

The All-Star game begins in: 3 days, 8 hours, 27 minutes and 7 seconds...this signals the halfway point in the season.

Which means I will be jonesing for three days without my baseball fix. I do not consider the AS game to be baseball..sorry, its not. Do not argue with me on this fact..I will slap you. The only thing the AS game does is determine homefield advantage for the World Series. And since the American League ALWAYS wins the AS game..its a mute point in my book. I could be wrong..but we shall see. The picture is of reporter Helen Thomas..the only broad that gives Bush any shit. I heart her, and it is kinda a baseball themed pic :p

That short,fat, vision-impared jackass in N. Korea is still stirring shit up. Why couldn't we nuke his ass instead of going into Iraq? I know..politics..sorry..

Eric Gagne..aka GAGME is now having back surgery..I ask did that clown hose up his back when he hasn't pitched a real game in over a year and a half? Plus..he is getting his full paycheck..gotta love Donal Fehr..he sure knows how to negotiate a contract for the Players Union. I need him to talk to the asshats at the State Workers Compensation Dept here in Cali..that is one seriously fucked up dept and my company's insurance carrier loves the hell out of it. They keep denying my doctors requests to treat me. ALL OF THEM..I did finally get my MRI and its not good..but I knew that.and so did my doctor..the boys at the insurance company should of figured it out too, just by looking at my x-rays..

I was glad my Baby was up in heaven during the craziness known as the 4th of July. She always got freaked for four days..all those loud noises..the cats, it didn't bug them in the least. The remaining two dogs could give a rats ass either.I miss my Baby.

On the Barroid Bonds front..his former trainer was tossed back in the slammer..LMAO! He refused to testify about Barroid's steroid use. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy in my book..hope he drops the soap.

For an amusing read, check out the "Anti-All Star Team" over at love it. Gives you a nice round up of all the disappointing,over paid players for so far this season.

That's all I got..enjoy your weekend..I know I will be hurting on Monday, the same as today..thank you Blue Cross you sumbitches..

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S. R. said...

I hadn't realized that Gagne had been fucked up for so long. Darren Dreifort anyone? He got 50 million bucks for about 20 innings of work (estimate). That's fucking ridiculous! The Dodgers could use that money to get a real cleanup hitter instead of the flimsy scarecrow JD Drew or super hacking rookie Matt Kemp.

dusty said...

The new owners of the dodgers inherited Gagme. They can not cut him loose if he is hurt. I think he knows his days are numbered and is milking this, his final baseball contract.

S. R. said...

It really smacks of Darren Dreifortism, which was one of the sorriest contracts ever.

Weekends ain't much for comments are they? Same at my place.

Anonymous said...

Poltics nothing. Korea can actually fight.

anne altman said...

i say let 'em dope.

dusty said... shock and awe me..and you a Bosox fan.. :p

dusty said...

Korea spends over a third of its money on militaria..those bastards don't know what will hit them if they fuck w/us or Japan..

They have been playing war "games"..god help them if one starts up over this crap. But then..we can spend millions to build them another country after we nuke the shit out of them..its the american way.