Tuesday, July 04, 2006 | By: Dusty Taylor

4th of July,Baseball and other assorted things..

If you, my dear reader, would like to check out my moving,patriotic post..you need to go here, to my politcal rants blog. For the usual sports-laden bullshit..just sit back, have a brew and a dog and read on...

My Padres have now lost 2 in a friggin row..but they are back in first..how the hell does that happen?

means the NL West sucks the chrome off a bumper folks.

The spaceshuttle is losing tiles like I am losing hair..but they are sending it up anyway..WTF?

My fantasy baseball teams are so fucking bad, people no longer respond to my posts on the message boards...I mean really, wtf do I think I know about baseball players? Yes, I did enhale unlike Clinton, but stats are stats and those bastards I drafted had great stats last year.. The baseball god is against me and I will never,ever finish first in a baseball fantasy league.This brings me to my next point:

THE FANS DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT BASEBALL PLAYERS EITHER. How else do you explain that several highly-qualified dudes didn't make it onto the Baseball All Star team and yet some real dipshits did? How else do you explain how Nomar, Ramon Hernandez, Traavis Hafner, Carlos Delgado and a host of others did not get on but you got assmunches like Freddy Sanchez, Mark friggin Redmond with an ERA of almost SIX got on the team? I feel my blood pressure rising..time to move on..

Football is again being talked about..preseason is right around the corner..well, sort of.

Stevie Y(hockey folks, try to keep up) retired after 22 years..man he was something in his heydays...

and finally..The reason we are featuring the Chicago Bulls mascot picture is..

He got popped..Benny the Bull was charged with attacking an off-duty officer after driving a mini-motorcycle through an outdoor festival. I won't print his name..poor stupid bastard is getting enough press.

Have a happy 4th of July and remember..point the fireworks away from the kids :p

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Bruce said...

Nothin' like stuffing the ballot boxes is there? I've never liked the fan vote, and recent years have borne out my feelings.

The Bulls also made headlines in another way; in case you didn't see it. Big Ben Wallace has agreed to sign with them, which he can do on the 12th.

Pads lost two in a row? Try 11 of 13 for the Cardinals...the pitching absolutely blows chunks.

Happy fireworks day... :)

Bruce said...

BTW...you double posted somehow. Prolly a glitch in Blogger...

CoffeeBigPlz said...

I kept up.



Do you know who Gordie Howe was?

S. R. said...

Not only the Pads, but the D'backs too. Dodgers finally keeping their good rookies instead of trading them for vet crap.

John Q. Public esq. said...


anyway, all my best lov,


FantasticAlice said...

Hey Dusty-dearest! Did you see that Kenneth Lay-Oh great founder of Enron has passed on?

dusty said...

Yep..posted on it on the political blog Alice..couldn't happen to a nicer bag of shit. He is now suffering a texas summer heat without air conditioning..forevah!