Wednesday, October 31, 2007 | By: Dusty Taylor

Sex is a sport right? was a rhetorical question. Seems in NY State everyone wants to play... from Fark:

20 Arrested in Westchester Highway Sex Sting

BEDFORD, NY (AP) -- Twenty men have been arrested in a sex sting at a Westchester County highway rest stop, including a Catholic priest, a registered sex offender and a local Rotary Club president.

Gee, no publicly elected officials?? I always find it amazing where men go to find sex..somehow a friggin rest stop just doesn't hit me as 'the' place to get laid..of course after reading the final paragraph, I can probably see why these particular fuckwits were hanging out there:

Most of the men have been charged with either loitering or trespass violations or both. One was charged with forcible touching, a misdemeanor. Four were charged with exposing themselves and two with public lewdness.

The pix is not related to the article..its just a great shot of a freak..the male variety, having sex with a blowup pig.

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