Tuesday, October 30, 2007 | By: Dusty Taylor

Joe Torre in Dodger Blue??

ESPN and everyone else on the planet is saying yes to that question..goodness..ain't that a fucking trip?

Grady Little, you weren't that bad but you weren't that good either..at least that is what the Dodger brass is intimating dude..sorry bout your luck.

The ball and chain is ecstatic about this news..personally I could give a rats hairy ass. I am afterall a Padres fan. Wish the Padres had gone after Torre but John Fuckwit Moores is a tight-assed sumbitch and about as intelligent as a box of fucking rocks..fits in with that idiot Spanos if you ask me..

But you didn't ask me did you..

EDIT: FoxSports is saying not so fast Dodgers..Joey can't make up his lil mind that fast. Perhaps Mattingly will take the job?

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